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Grasping Symbolic Keys to Truth and Wisdom

Edited 8/11/2009

A Short Course in Grasping Wisdom - Part Five

It is vital to understand that there is no truth without discernment and no wisdom without the truth. What then is "faith" but an effort to confound truth and wisdom?

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Part Four - Grasping Ancient Wisdom Symbology

This is the fifth installment in a series that decisively proves the truth about the long-obscured keys to unlocking (unsealing) long-hidden wisdom and the ancient symbology used to abstract, model, encode, and encapsulate it. Have a little patience and read these articles completely and then think through the details described. The lies and mysteries of the last several millennia have been solved and I am giving this wisdom to you freely. The earlier articles in this series are linked to above. I suggest you read them first. I've touched on these topics in the earlier editions of my books and within several articles on my websites and blogs. They will also be covered in greater detail in the upcoming book updates. This and related articles will also serve to contribute content to a new book, which will also be available as a free download.

As mentioned in my book(s) and later articles, I was a software-engineer when I first started trying to understand the true meaning of certain symbolic texts and prophecies while researching an earlier book idea. Since no religious leader I contacted really knew what they were talking about, I decided to crack the mystery myself. I had already noticed similarities to an object-oriented programming language. On that basis, I treated it like any other undocumented program and succeeded at fully reverse-engineering and documenting the symbology of the Bible and related texts back in 2002-2003. I then extended that success to other symbolic concepts and knowledge bases.

I have been expanding and fine-tuning my research and results since then. I self-published an extensive (and purposely rough around the edges...) book in 2005-2006, which I am now updating, expanding, polishing, and producing subsequent volumes to. I have also been blogging and using what I know to oppose the Vatican, Bush administration, and cohorts since 2005. Consequently, I have compiled and field-tested comprehensive proof that the symbolism of many ancient texts, canons, and concepts is an advanced and extremely ancient spiritual and philosophical technology that long-predates all extant religions and mystery schools. Thereby, here is verifiable proof, beyond disproof, that all three so-called "Faiths of Abraham" are purposeful deceptions. Many others have attempted this feat, but they failed because they missed certain pivotal hidden keys to truth and wisdom. That resulted in errors in their assertions and evidence. As you will continue to see, I have hit the nail on the head in a way that finally drives a stake through the heart of ages-old deceptions to pierce the related mysteries.

This installment is a summary of the verifiable structure and relationships of pivotal ancient symbol groups. I demonstrate how this very specific set of ancient symbologies have always purposely encoded their hidden meanings within well-known frameworks that have long-been purposely misinterpreted and confounded. Thereby, these pivotal details verifiably prove the truth about many mysteries by exposing the deceptions and errors of religion, secret societies, mystery schools, the so-called mysteries, and related mysticism and esoterica. As already partly evidenced in previous articles, I'll merge symbols from Hebrew, Egyptian-Nubian, and selected other sources to prove their purposeful relationships, synchronized meaning, and verifiable functionality. I'll expand the details in upcoming articles, but this summary alone will expose the core deceptions to prove much. Most of this material already exists in my previously published and freely available Ebook(s) and articles. They required much more patience and perseverance to grasp what this series provides in a more succinct format. These articles and the resulting new book are designed to shorten the learning curve. My updated tomes, also due out shortly, will provide the additional detail (and lessons) for those that desire it and serve as extensive references for your own research and explorations.

A pivotal component of this proof is the Doctrine of Two Spirits , which is the long-hidden key designed to unlock most of what has been hidden, lied about, and/or misinterpreted over the millennia. When the correct core symbol groups are overlaid atop the Doctrine of Two Spirits, they all perfectly synchronize to prove their meanings, relationships, purposes, and the fact that their inter-intra-functionality are a purposeful and verifiable ancient spiritual-philosophical expert-system. This proves that the Doctrine of Two Spirits was always the initial core schema that was meant to serve as the eventual code-key to unlock the "mysteries" and thereby prove many things. Now let's start at the core and then layer on some pivotal proofs.

The Roots of Dualism

As I have already discussed in earlier articles and my books, dualism is a core feature of this universe's structure and thereby of spiritual concepts, morality, and related philosophies. Egyptian-Nubian philosophies, symbolized gods and goddesses (personified universal principles), and other symbolized concepts were redundantly and consistently dualistically conceived and structured. All of their gods and goddess had masculine and feminine aspects and/or counterparts, as did almost all other details of their wisdom, knowledge, and society. A very good example is the masculine aspect Amen and the feminine aspect Amenet that was given many of the characteristics of Maat. This flowed into Hebrew texts and concepts through the works of [Amen]Moses and later sages and prophets. The various discussions of dualism, good and evil, high and low roads, heaven and hell, and much more are direct derivatives of earlier Egyptian-Nubian material and assertions. Many later Hebrew stories are merely Egyptian-Nubian parables and wisdom narratives that were reworked and interpolated for various political and religious agendas. The fact that they still contain significant and verifiable symbolic elements that encode much hidden wisdom is stunning proof of many things.

One of the prime items of evidence of misdirection and interpolation is the dropping of Amen from the name AmenMoses and attempting to redefine its meaning to cut the Egyptian-Nubian ties that disprove other fallacies. Likewise, all the evidence proves that the "god" of AmenMoses was Amen, the hidden creator-principle, not the later Babylonian inspired deceptions of Yahweh, Jehovah, and Allah. Furthermore, it is still clear from Hebrew texts and history that AmenMoses strongly opposed religion and his focus was on wisdom, truth, and justice. All the details of his "god" are actually the details of the philosophy surrounding Amen, which actually means hidden, hence esoteric, spiritual, and symbolized. Moses actually means son of or born of and was a symbolic allusion to being of the "house" of one of the Egyptian-Nubian "gods." This meant that your temple organization was your benefactor. Since AmenMoses was an Egyptian elite, he was educated in the specific philosophy associated with Amen, which at that time was headquartered in Thebes and deeply tied to Nubian roots and associations. His name translates then as "a son of Amen" or a son of his god. Notice the relationship to son of god and a son of man? Keep in mind that this was never supposed to be taken literally, since all such titles and philosophy from Egypt-Nubia were purposefully, wholly, and undeniably symbolic. So-called scholars who have failed to describe these details are either clueless or lying.

All the later symbolism of the Hebrew Messiah was directly associated with Amen and AmenMoses. The associated philosophy was clearly based on Amen, Maat, and Thoth. A ram headed sphinx is associated with Amen's temple complexes. The Messiah of later narratives is symbolized as both a lion and a lamb (new-born sheep/ram), another clear association of being "born of Amen", the protector of the poor, of Maat, etc. Angels and their wings emanated from the symbolism associated with Maat, Isis, and winged sun-discs. Details of both Thoth and Maat are the same later esoteric details associated with Melchizedek (Lord of Righteousness, "Archangel" Michael) and later falsely associated with Jesus, who never existed. The same assertions and symbology are associated with Persia's Ahura Mazda.

The true definition of righteousness is the zeal for truth and justice, hence supporting Maat, with her dual "wings" which symbolize dualism, which support her, truth, justice, and universal order (laws of the universe). The philosophy and esoterica of the "Essenes" (sons of zadok (a.k.a. [melchi]zedek), light, keepers of the way, and other symbolic titles) and Gnostics are also traced back to the exact same sources. The Dead Sea Scrolls and pivotal Gnostic texts use the same symbology to encode details they were hiding from the Romans, (including Christian Rome). They also speak regularly of truth, justice, and wisdom (a.k.a. Sophia). The Jubilee (freeing the poor from debt...) is directly associated with Amen and is announced by the blowing of seven shofar, which are ram's horns, also traced back to Amen. That name/title is found throughout the Bible and related texts as a mysterious intonation. The "Lamb" of Revelation also has seven "horns" and seven "eyes" and seven "trumpets" are blown by "angels" as they deliver blatantly symbolic wisdom. In fact, all evidence points to AmenMoses as the future reincarnated Messiah, which also evidences that resurrection is a purposely misinterpreted and recast Christian fallacy. It's no wonder religious leaders need you to have faith. They are lying through their teeth and their stories are clearly full of holes, which I am exposing in a way that will kill their lies, forever.

It is also important to note that the deceptions of Christianity started with the leadership of ancient Israel, who were always willing toadies of various empires, especially of Babylonia, Greece, and Rome. They purposely and knowingly modified earlier symbolic source texts to establish and maintain their own wealth and power. There are plenty of examples of the efforts to obscure certain symbolic references by presenting them literally, as magic, and/or supernaturally. Some of the more instructive are the stories of the Exodus, AmenMoses' ark, and Noah's ark. It is important to understand that an ark and barque (bark) are vessels and since this was all symbolic material when it was created, they don't mean literal vessels. Once again, the concept of the ark is directly associated with Amen's ritual (symbolic) procession, in a solar bark, during which he is hidden inside.

In the Exodus story, the two "tables of stone" are hidden in the "ark", which was carried around in a ritual (symbolic) procession. If you've seen pictures of the purported two stone tablets with rounded tops, they amazingly match the shapes of the dual feathers in the statues of Amen with a headdress. Then there is Noah's ark, in which all "creatures" were dually embarked, male and female. This is an obvious Egyptian symbolic narrative with dualism, gender symbolism, the ark, and the Nile floods and Zep Tepi. The Bible's tale of the flood is of Nile Valley origin with blatant Babylonian inspired interpolations. Remember, all such material was symbolic when it was written in Egypt-Nubia and the symbolic elements are still obvious and verifiable. Remember this the next time you hear about idiots looking for literal arks atop literal mountains or anywhere else. Recognizable scenarios were regularly used to impart important lessons, hence parables. These were all symbolic wisdom narratives meant to encode hidden details, and the fact that they still do is damning evidence against the ancient founders and leaders of these religions.

Though religious leaders lost touch with the meaning of certain things and purposely confounded others, it is not that difficult to trace it all back to much earlier sources that were clearly based on dualistic symbolized wisdom from the Nile Valley. Hebrew sages and prophets maintained and guarded the understanding of earlier sources and concepts. Their narratives and prophecies purposely hid the true meaning of much ancient wisdom from religious and political leaders, whom they wisely never trusted. Never forget that Aaron created the religion of Israel (golden calf, new sacred cow, cash cow) while AmenMoses was working to impart truth and wisdom. Remember how he reacted after coming down from the mountain? Remember that I've already proven that mountaintops symbolize wisdom and mountains are bodies of knowledge? As the current incarnation of that ages-old line of ancient symbologists, I am now proving to you what long-obscured wisdom symbology actually means and has always encoded, just as I was always supposed to do. Hence, the terms revelation and apocalypse, both of which refer to revealing long-hidden truths, even though some have attempted to misdirect the true meaning of apocalypse and many other terms and symbols.

Because this universe is dual in essence and all ancient wisdom from the Nile Valley region was likewise structured to match that insight, none of these ancient mysteries can be solved without the dualistic symbolic keys that were designed for this purpose. In the balance of this article, I prove the meaning of several well-known symbol groups that have been misinterpreted and hidden between many layers of smoke and mirrors. The time has arrived to "clear the air" of this stench.

Doctrine of Two Spirits

The most important key to these mysteries, that has not been well-known, is the Doctrine of Two Spirits. It is a detailed enumeration of dual moral principles structured in a way that proves it has been purposely alluded to in many places throughout the millennia. Remember, spirit doesn't mean soul, it symbolizes moral essence, nature, and character. This is what the Egyptians called Ka and symbolized as two arms and hands (symbolizing deeds...), sometimes atop a person's head like horns. Ka-Maat is the source of the eastern term and concept of Karma, as I discuss here and here . The two spirits and two ways (paths, inclinations, desires, deeds) symbolize the dual spiritual aspects also called good and evil. This spiritual-philosophical tool provides a detailed yet focused enumeration that has been purposely hidden from religious leaders and others. After finally grasping the full extent of their deceptions and errors over the millennia, you'll now be able to truly understand why this was both necessary and wise.

The Doctrine of Two Spirits is described and referenced throughout my writing because of its pivotal importance and verifiable association to ancient wisdom stretching from the earliest Egyptian-Nubian symbolism and philosophy through Hebrew and Persian concepts and narratives and into the works of Nostradamus. It is specifically referred to and described in the Dead Sea Scrolls Community Rule and alluded to in various other locations as the "two ways" and "two tables of stone," the seven pillars of wisdom, the stone with seven eyes, and other symbolic allusions. It also proves that the Ten Commandments are a later interpolation, hence they are lies. They and other elements later added to the original symbolic Exodus and many other stories of all three so-called faiths of Abraham are purposeful deceptions. Though not referred to as precisely, it undeniably unlocks and clarifies much eastern philosophy and mystic allusions, some of which clearly flowed from misinterpreted Egyptian-Nubian symbolism and spiritual concepts.

Many other symbolic allusions throughout the centuries also refer to the Doctrine of Two Spirits and the multiple bodies of symbolism it organizes and unlocks. The stories of both arks, holy grail, Philosopher's Stone, Thoth's Emerald Tablets, Book of Life, Little Book/Scroll, manifested judgements, Jacob's ladder, Seven Pillars of wisdom, seven eyes, seven seals, two ways, two paths, high and low road-paths, wide and narrow road-paths and gates, Samson's seven locks of hair, the lambs seven horns, and many more. These all symbolize verifiable details about this long sought after key to unlocking and understanding the bodies of esoteric wisdom and mysteries that many have expended great efforts and resources to solve, yet have failed to do so. Others have conversely expended greater efforts to prevent anyone from understanding the symbolic allusions to this wisdom. Those negative efforts will shortly fail and come to their long-promised apocalyptic end.

As you can see in the Doctrine of Two Spirits article, it contains an expanded outline. Below is a simplified or collapsed outline for quick reference.

Spirit of Good - Path of Truth and Justice (Positive Inspirations) - Life


Spirit of Evil - Path of Greed, Falsehood & Injustice (Negative Desires) - Anti-Life


The upper and lower aspects (spirits) are divided by a horizontal line. Notice that if you draw an equal length vertical line through its middle, it forms a cross. I'll use that to demonstrate the synchronization of the dualism displayed by the Doctrine of Two Spirits outlines with the four elements, ankh, and masculine vs. feminine symbolism in the balance of this article. I'll expand it to other symbols and concepts in subsequent installments.

Four Elements, the Cross, and Ankh

The four elements (a.k.a. essences) are the organizing basis for much ancient wisdom symbolism. They flow directly from the dualism enumerated by the Doctrine Two Spirits. The four elements (Earth, Water, Air, and Fire) are symbolic groupings of foundational wisdom about our existence in this universe. They have long been incorrectly represented as a literal ancient view of the physical properties of physical things. This is an error-prone explanation of the purpose and function of this and other ancient symbologies and spiritual-philosophical technologies resulting from purposeful obfuscation and long-term misinterpretation. The cross further symbolizes the four elements, four corners, and four winds. Christian Rome adopted the cross, a pivotal ancient wisdom symbol, to hide the truth about the meaning of core symbolic elements that prove Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion and related mysteries are purposeful lies. They were also purposely hiding pivotal truth and wisdom from the masses, so they could impose the ignorance (darkness) necessary to deceive, delude, and/or exploit everyone. In actuality, the four arms of the cross each represent one of the four symbolic elements of ancient wisdom which prove that religion and mysticism are error and deception.

For the proper perspective, starting at the right arm and going counter-clockwise (upwards) is fire, air, water, and earth arranged around a cross with four equal length arms (not a crucifix...). This positioning would put air as the top arm and earth as the bottom of the vertical line, correctly matching their natural association. On the horizontal line, water is the left arm and fire is the right arm, putting fire in the position of the sun rising in the east. Since the sun’s fire is “extinguished” daily when it sets on the western horizon, water is the left or western arm. This then serves as a purposeful overlay to the Doctrine of Two Spirits outline. Air matches up with the top half of the chart, placing truth and wisdom at the very top and justice at the bottom of the top half, sitting immediately above the surface which is the horizontal line. The Earth matches the bottom half of the chart, extending between greed at the top of the bottom half to injustice at the very bottom of the entire chart. This arrangement is the important key to unlocking other symbolism associated with air (above) and earth (below) that forms the framework of dualistic religion and philosophy. The line that separates the outline of the Seven Spirits of God/Good (air, heaven) from the Seven Spirits of Evil/Error (earth, pit, hell) is the horizontal line of the cross that represents the water and fire dualism. Notice how this creates dual dualisms, hence air vs. earth and fire vs. water. Their literal meanings are opposites and their encoded meanings are also philosophical opposites. Where they cross in the middle represents the simple building blocks of space-time, which string-theory calls strings, and could be viewed as the "pixels" of a holographic universe, though this is merely an analogy.

The four elements each and as a group symbolize the primary essences that result in our reality. They also illustrate two dualisms that interact to create the underpinnings of our existence in this universe. The cross within a circle or wheel symbolizes that these create a continuous flow, as was also the original meaning of the swastika, which alludes to a rotating cross. To better understand this model, we start at the right arm and move counter-clockwise in the order that these things (should) interact to establish our reality. Fire at the right arm/hand symbolizes inspirations, desires, or inclinations. Moving upward (as the rising sun does from the eastern horizon/surface), air symbolizes thought and the collective consciousness. Then moving downward from there towards water (as the setting sun does towards the western horizon/surface) symbolizes the flow of deeds and change through time. Then from there down to/within the earth, which symbolizes the end-results of deeds and reinforced patterns that are the foundations of our space-time existence. These are the simplified definitions but they describe enough for this summary. All of the other primary symbols are organized using the four elements/essences as the primary categories and the Doctrine of Two Spirits and dualism as the core concepts. They determine related characteristics, the basis for establishing and validating their definitions, and the functionality within their group(s) and within the overall symbolic framework.

To reiterate, the purpose and functionality of this core symbol group is to enumerate four (matching the 4 dimensions of space-time) underlying (core, foundational) components and essential aspects of (essences, spirits) and insights (wisdom) into how our reality arises and is maintained. This presents a model of how individual, group, and collective realities are formed and reinforced. Another key to understanding this philosophical model is the fact that our 11-dimension reality is dually structured. As already described in earlier articles, it has a spiritual-conceptual zone (seven hidden dimensions) that precede and define the four dimensions of space-time, which we perceive and experience as the physical universe. It is important to understand that the symbolism of the four essences, four corners, and other related groups of four are directly alluding to four dimensions. Also, four elements plus four dimensions sum to eight, which is the first dimension of space-time. The number eight is also encoded by the eight-spoke wheel of karma-dharma, which symbolizes the cyclic nature of time and existence driven by the deeds of a spiritually ignorant humanity.

The above is also modeled by the infinity symbol or lemniscate and the number 8. Now let's take a large number 8, which is the infinity symbol-lemniscate standing upright, and lay it atop the cross, four elements, and Doctrine of Two Spirits so the top loop encompasses the top arm and top of the outline. The bottom loop would then encompass the bottom arm and bottom of the outline. Notice also that an ankh is this arrangement , without the bottom loop. Thereby, the top loop and top of the Doctrine of Two Spirits represents the spiritual-conceptual aspect of existence symbolized as air, sky, heaven, etc. The bottom loop represents the physical aspect of existence as symbolized by earth, hell, bottomless pit, etc.

Now referring to earlier statements, visualize the figure-8 as a flowing double loop that forever carries information between both zones to create our reality, on the surface between them. That is the meaning of the infinity symbol. Also notice how the cross or X can be matched to the figure-8 because the X is simply an 8 with the top and bottom arc's missing. Likewise, both the 8 and X have a point in the center where dual flows meet, symbolizing a single point of existence or a singularity. Also understand, that nothing in this model is symbolizing the soul, which is what the fifth element alludes to. The fifth element acts from outside of this model as the source, while the four elements refer to the universe that flows from the source. This purposely models a separation between souls and the universe we experience though minds and bodies, which I'll cover in a later installment. As you should be able to see already, this arrangement and the synchronization of these symbols with the Doctrine of Two Spirits are not merely coincidental.

As mentioned above, the flows modeled by these symbols create our space-time realities. It thereby follows that they can flow in dual directions since this is a dual reality and that is what the symbology was designed to model. To see the wisdom of this, the starting point on the cross and four-elements is always fire, hence inspirations, desires, motivations, and inclinations. These can be positive or negative depending on whether the initial focus is up or down on the Doctrine of Two Spirits. Take a moment and look again at what is on the top half (up, high road, positive, etc. ) and what is on the bottom (down, low road, negative, etc.). Assuming that one's desires are positive, the items at the top of the outline characterize the nature of your thoughts, mindset, and consciousness. On the other hand (remember, left, right, and ka...), if your desires are negative, they are characterized by the bottom half of the Doctrine of Two Spirits. Since we live in a dual universe, driven by flows between extremes, and most people can't accurately define good and evil, everyone is affected by both halves of this chart, but most especially the bottom half. This situation leads to a chaotic existence (symbolized as seas and tempests) with both positive and negative aspects driven by widespread ignorance of how to prevent or end the myriad problems that bedevil humanity.

So, let's explore this more to help solve humanity's overwhelming problems, sooner than later. This wisdom is the key to creating wise individuals and wise civilizations. Notice that the direction of the flow I explained above starts at fire and moves to air. This illustrates the path to a reality ruled by positive inspirations, as the top of the Doctrine of Two Spirits enumerates. Thereby, wise, truthful, and just inspirations and thoughts precede and define wise, truthful, and just deeds (waters) which then result in positive outcomes. As mentioned in earlier articles, these are also the keys to truly understanding the rules of karma and how it affects our existence in space-time. So, in addition to defining wise deeds to avoid errors that cause us to harm ourselves and others, these are the types of deeds that result in good karma. In other words, this wisdom addresses both the material and spiritual variables of existence.

The inverse direction thereby models desires that are first effected by those things associated with the earth, at the bottom of the Doctrine of Two Spirits, which then result in deeds of the same character (spirit). In this model, desire descends first into the earth (downward), then to deeds (water), and finally to thoughts. Notice that the first item on the downward path is greed, which is the first step on the path to evil, the mystery of iniquity, etc. In other words, this is the thoughtless and error-prone path of existence. Thereby, starting at fire and moving counter-clockwise (up) around the cross and four-elements clearly models how to create wise outcomes. It should then be clear that going clockwise (down) from fire results in unwise deeds and outcomes. Now look around at our world to understand the truth of this wisdom. Notice how this symbolic wisdom matches the directions of heaven and hell and other details? Likewise, ask yourselves why the early leaders of Christianity adopted the ancient wisdom symbol of the cross, as a crucifix, and killed and oppressed people who didn't believe their lies. As you contemplate this, also remember that religious, political, and monetary leaders have long worked together to hide this understanding through religion, secret societies, and other smoke and mirrors. That is why faith and hero-worship are so important to them, to keep people duped and enslaved to ignorance, by purposely hiding the truth.

This turning and flowing model, (as in the wheel of karma/dharma, rotating crosses, etc.) and the symbolism of rivers and streams (of time...) tells us that our reality is both flowing and cyclical in nature (essence). That is also the true purpose of zodiac and time symbolism, which I'll cover in the next article. To change the current negative global conditions, we must redirect the present chaotic flows (seas and tempests) from negative to the positive. Thereby, the symbol group of the cross with the four elements arrayed at its arms, illustrates a deeply profound and precise model of how individual and collective reality is created, unlike the explanations told by most sources. Notice how this directly meshes with and/or clarifies many mystic-esoteric allusions, the findings of quantum physics and string theory, the holographic universe observations, and Bohm's wholeness and the implicate order and holo-movement? Likewise, the four essences and the many other symbol groups of seven, which allude to and model the seven hidden dimensions posited by string theory, perfectly synchronize and sum to 11, directly matching the number of string-theory dimensions. Here we have a perfect numerical and functional synchronization between the frontiers of quantum physics and several elements of Egyptian-Nubian ancient wisdom. When it was translated that they asserted that an earlier period of advanced human civilization was the source of their symbolized wisdom (Zep Tepi), many in the West scoffed at this. As I have said, scoffing in the face of profundity causes blindness. The results of my work (to date...) comes very close to proving these assertions. There is much more though.

Grasping the Ankh

I'll expound on other details in subsequent articles and books. Before leaving the topic of the cross and four elements, the ankh is another pivotal Egyptian-Nubian symbol that has been mostly misinterpreted. It also perfectly synchronizes with the Doctrine of Two Spirits, four elements, and others. Remember that the top arm of the cross matches air and symbolizes thought and consciousness. Now let's visualize the ankh atop the Doctrine of Two Spirits and the cross, as we did with the figure-8. The ankh symbolizes much of the same things, but without the bottom loop, which is a vital distinction. The upper segment of the ankh is shaped like a head, but is an open oval with air in it. Heads symbolize minds and mindsets, which perfectly synchronizes with the meaning of air (thought and consciousness) and the shape of the ankh. Furthermore, both the head of the ankh and the element air overlay the upper half of the Doctrine of Two Spirits. The top two items are truth and wisdom, hence the thoughts of the wise and just.

Now look again at the outline of the upper seven spirits. The ankh is already known to symbolize life, which is what the Spirit of Good also relates to. Notice how all of these perfectly synchronize with a truthful understanding of things that support life, matching the known meaning of the ankh? The ankh is also sometimes shown being held to someone's lips (for them to kiss) and has been interpreted as symbolizing the breath of life. Notice again that truth and wisdom match up to the top of the ankh's head, and the seven spirits of god/good are bounded by truth and justice, hence Maat.

Another insight here is related to the many pictures of Egyptian gods, goddesses, and others holding the ankh by its "head." Thereby, they are grasping the ankh. In other words grasping (understanding) a pivotal key to truth, wisdom and justice, just as you are now. Curious isn't it? There is much more than this and it all perfectly synchronizes to prove much truth and wisdom, thereby unlocking many ancient mysteries and proving that most of what is asserted by religion and mysticism are purposeful deceptions and compounded error.

Feminine and masculine dualism, a.k.a. gender symbolism

As already mentioned and is evidenced in myriad sources, masculine and feminine dualism (gender symbolism) is a core feature of Egyptian-Nubian symbology, other wisdom, philosophy, mysticism, and esoterica. The recent Da Vinci Code and related materials popularized the so-called "sacred feminine," which is little more than a Christianized bastardization of the symbolism associated with the philosophical categorization of feminine and masculine characterizations. Calling philosophical symbolism sacred is both ignorant and deceptive and is the result of centuries of efforts to confound and hide the truth about aspects Egyptian symbology and philosophy that completely disprove Judeo-Christian stories.

To understand this quickly and simply, the feminine character (spirit) is the upper half of the Doctrine of Two Spirits, called the spirit of good. The bottom half is the masculine, called the spirit of evil. The "spirit of good" is philosophically feminine, hence Maat (Truth and Justice) Sophia (wisdom), Kuan Yin, (compassion), etc. The "spirit of evil" is philosophically masculine, hence Marduk, Apep-Apophis, Yahweh, Jehovah, Satan, etc. The philosophically feminine nature (good) is characterized by truth, humility, compassion, and non-force. The philosophically masculine nature (evil) is characterized by deception, arrogance, injustice, and force. This is not male and female as most have misconstrued it, just like feminine and masculine words are not male or female. Nor is it sacred, holy, or supernatural! It is a philosophical classification stretching back for millennia that the three faiths of Abraham, influenced by ancient Babylon, Rome, and especially Christian Rome and the Vatican, have purposely confounded and recast as religion and mysticism.

As mentioned above, prime examples of the true meaning of this symbolized philosophy are exemplified by Sophia (wisdom) and Kuan Yin (compassion). Before them, there was Maat (Truth and Justice), one of the earliest and longest recognized sources for this wisdom and the most instructive example. She personified truth and justice and her consort was Thoth, Lord of Wisdom. All of these are found in the upper half of the Doctrine of Two Spirits, which has truth as the first item and justice as the last, with wisdom and compassion between them. The next point of solid validation for everything described so far (and which will be covered later) is the understanding that since the upper arm of the cross and the head of the ankh represents air/thought and the upper spirit of the Doctrine of Two Spirits is good/feminine, then air is a feminine symbol. That leads us back to a very early Egyptian symbolized god and goddess pair, Nut and Geb.

Nut is the female sky (air, heaven) goddess and Geb is the earth god who is said to imprison the dead in his body, the underworld. When you use this dual symbolic pair (duo) to overlay the Doctrine of Two Spirits, beneath the cross-ankh and four elements, once again you have a perfect match, as well as perfect philosophical synchronization. The feminine (air) is above and masculine (earth) is below. Also, the "dead" are those with their heads in the earth which is defined by the seven spirits of evil. Notice both the philosophical and directional relationship to heaven and sheol/hell (underworld) of all later religions of this region? Also, Nut's body has the stars and sun at the top of the sky, (air, heavens). Light symbolizes the truth, which is likewise at the very top of the Doctrine of Two Spirits, just as the sun and stars are at the top of the air/sky/heavens. See how much of it perfectly synchronizes and how it all disproves most assertions of Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion? Notice where religion is located in the Doctrine of Two Spirits? Doesn't that also make perfect sense?

Next, since feathers, wings, and birds are associated with the air/sky, they are likewise feminine symbols. So, Maat's feather and two wings match this categorization. Also, the winged-sun of the Bible (sun of righteousness with healing in its wings) is a feminine symbol since it has wings and the sun emanates light (truth) and heat (justice). Thereby, so is the winged sun of Egypt, which symbolizes the exact same thing as Maat, hence a primary source of truth and justice. Notice that Sophia is a feminine personification of wisdom and Proverbs verse 9:1, as shown in the Doctrine of Two Spirits article, refers to wisdom as She and Her, clearly echoing the redundantly-proven Egyptian feminine philosophical characterization. This is also undoubtedly where [Amen]Moses learned it, to pass along to the future. Furthermore, in Proverbs 9:1, wisdom hews out Her seven pillars, again perfectly and redundantly matching the feminine seven spirits of god/good.

Next, the Lord of Wisdom of Egypt-Nubia was Thoth, who has an Ibis' head, which is a bird. Even more interesting, it is a wading water bird that "walks upon the waters" just as "Jesus" was falsely supposed to have done. Once again, verifiable symbolism that was recast as miracles and lied about for many centuries. Birds symbolize bodies of knowledge associated with the air (philosophies), thereby feminine focused philosophies. I have already mentioned in earlier articles that the Doctrine of Two Spirits is the true Emerald Tablet[s] of Thoth. Thereby, Thoth has a feminine mindset (bird's head) and philosophy and is the consort of Maat (truth and justice) and both are associated with the ankh.

Likewise, Persia's Ahura Mazda is called the Lord of Wisdom and is symbolized with wings and a tail, hence feathers, thereby also feminine in nature, and clearly a merger of Thoth and Maat. Then there are winged angels, which symbolize sources of wisdom. Similarly, Amen had a dual-feathered headdress and was said to support Maat and the poor, hence a dualistic feminine mindset. Amen means the hidden one and was also said to have a doubly hidden aspect, matching the structure of the headdress, which specifically refers to the feminine aspect, hence Amenet. The seven spirits are also a direct and purposeful model and allusion of the seven hidden spiritual-conceptual dimensions that precede and define space-time. Amen's feathers display seven aspects also, and are divided into four large (11:11) )and seven small (7:7) divisions. Hence, 11-dimensions are symbolized emanating from Amen's mindset, which also models the structure of the Doctrine of Two Spirits. So, isn't it also interesting that AmenMoses wrote a story about Joseph dreaming about 11 stars when he was 17 years old? The second-temple period was the 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar. The 17th 360-year cycle began in 2001 and is now in its 8th year. Notice also that 2009 sums to 11, hence 2+0+0+9=11.

So, to wrap up this rather long summary, I have shown that my assertions about the Doctrine of Two Spirits and my success at piercing many ancient mysteries are truthful, redundantly validated, and verifiable. The core symbol groups and concepts described so far were clearly purposely designed to synchronize, as they undeniably do. Besides the coordinated meanings and functions of these symbols, there is a larger body of others that are verifiably categorized and defined by the Doctrine of Two Spirits and four elements. Just as space-time is based on underlying rules and patterns, the symbols used throughout many ancient narratives are similarly structured. Thereby, air symbols must be related to thought and consciousness, fire to desire and inspiration, earth to the material and physical, and water to deeds, change, and time. With these core rules, the symbology of Egypt and Nubia, Hebrew texts and derivatives, and other sources can be tested for validity, and when valid, they can be successfully decoded. Using this tool, it is undeniable that much deception has been imposed by religion and related mysticism. Judeo-Chistian religion is a much greater deception than most have imagined. It also proves that certain narratives purposely encode great wisdom, while some encode proof of deception, and others are merely blatant lies with nothing encoded except proof of deception. Likewise, these proofs also expose both errors and deceptions throughout various bodies of mysticism and esoterica and the associated assertions of secret societies, mystery schools, the so-called New Age, and others.

In the next article, I'll continue these proofs by clarifying the purpose of the Zodiac and prove some verifiable mistakes of astrology flowing from the failure to understand the symbolism already described. The Zodiac extends the insights already described about the cyclical flow of reality and transfers it to the cyclical flow of time observed in the literal stars and earth's rotation and orbit. I'll also cover closely related time symbolism, the symbolism of stars, and expound on the categories established by this core set of symbolic keys. As with all other aspects of symbolized ancient symbology, pivotal details of the meaning and purpose of time symbolism, which includes the zodiac, are verifiably wrong. The evidence shows that it was clearly done on purpose. Until then...

Here is Wisdom...


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