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Reviewing some core fallacies

So that you understand the truth, my goal is not to join hands with everyone and sing happy songs and make you all feel good about what has transpired to date. Look at this world and the unfolding debacles to understand that many foundational aspects of human civilization and knowledge are deeply flawed and failing badly. Instead, I will prove that there are far too many core fallacies that have been accepted as wisdom. Many of these were purposely imposed upon the world throughout the previous centuries by the powers emanating from Rome.

Understand clearly, we all have been deceived about many things, some more so than others. Consequently, we all are victims in need of certain interventions and assistance. Much of the ignorance that bedevils our world is not coincidental or accidental, but has been imposed to permit some to oppress everyone else. Since universal balance and order are based on truth and justice, and our world is dramatically skewed towards ignorance and folly, humanity's collective karma is about to reorder itself. Consequently, great dangers now loom large and only wisdom and cooperation are going to save humanity this time. Once we fix these problems, for the benefit of all, then we can collectively rest from these deceptions and bask in the happy times that everyone will be able to enjoy. Closing your eyes to the suffering and struggle of others is not a wise or acceptable way to exist and this must stop now.

Truth and justice are unequivocal requirements for wisdom and the lack of wisdom has resulted in great folly and suffering. Now comes the time to widely expose certain lies so humanity can finally grow wise enough to save itself from itself and throw off the shackles of purposely imposed ignorance.

The following is excerpted from Analyzing the Creator Debate

Seeking truth and wisdom is the opposite of having faith in science, mysticism, or religion. On the other hand, science has a much better track record by regularly forcing religion to succumb to proven facts. Even so, interpretations of scientific data and observations can be wrong because people make mistakes, misperceive, and/or misinterpret. Wisdom and scientific laws are often the same things, but it is vital to discern if they are accurate. Likewise, philosophical wisdom should engender and embody similar precision, and that is the complete opposite of "faith" and mysticism. It is vital to understand that there is no truth without discernment and no wisdom without the truth.

What then is "faith" but an effort to confound truth and wisdom?

As you read many of my articles, understand that I have purposely steeped certain of them in ancient symbolism to finally prove the truth about many long-term deceptions and resulting errors. This is the exact same way that the original Hebrew texts were prepared, before they were deceptively recast and modified by religious leaders and others over the millennia. The keys to these proofs have been encoded in many sources and passed down through the ages so they would be available now, when they were needed the most. Specific ancient wisdom, passed from an earlier period of civilization, to our time, was modeled, encoded, and encapsulated using a very ancient and advanced symbology. The symbolism of many ancient texts, canons, and concepts is an extremely ancient spiritual and philosophical technology that predates all extant religions and mystery schools. The Egyptians spoke of their symbology coming from an earlier period that they referred to as Zep Tepi, or the First Time(s).

There are many links between ancient Egypt-Nubia and ancient India and Asia. Proofs of this abound in many places. One area is the evidence of many parallels found in ancient wisdom, religious, and mystical texts, concepts, and allusions of both regions. Over the ages, most have lost touch with the fact that many of these allusions (light, dark, mountain tops, the four elements, the Zodiac, etc.) were actually bodies of symbolism that meant something other than their literal labels. Consequently, many have failed to understand the nature and reality of the symbology that encoded this ancient wisdom, thereby failing to understand both.

One eye-opening key to the truth is the word and concept known most widely as Karma. To the ancient Egyptians, it was known as Ka-Maat. The meaning and structure of these two names, one ancient Egyptian and the other ancient Indian, are evidence of many things. Furthermore, the very precise structure and functionality of the symbology associated with Ka, Maat, and related concepts prove the truth about my assertions of a spiritual-philosophical technology. The following is an excerpt from my article titled: Two Ways, Paths, and the Narrow Gate

Notice that the above verses are speaking of two ways or paths and the results of performing good and evil? The two ways, two tables of stone, spirits, inclinations, paths, gates, high and low roads, pillars, candlesticks, etc. are regular themes in Judeo-Christian-Islamic sources as well as other "near and far eastern" wisdom narratives and traditions. As clearly enumerated by the Doctrine of Two Spirits, these symbolic and allegorical allusions to the realities of dualism flow from ancient wisdom sources that long predated all three faiths of Abraham and other extant religions, mystery schools, and philosophies. They are clearly and unequivocally presented in the earliest Egyptian and Nubian sources, which undeniably were the basis and inspiration for later religions and philosophies.

The symbology used to structure world religions is easily traced back to very early Egyptian-Nubian concepts. On the other hand, they tell us that their symbology and related dualistic wisdom and spirituality came from those who lived during an earlier period which they called Zep Tepi.

The primary thrust of these narratives is to represent the dualistic nature of life in this universe and the resulting dualistic foundations of morality and what is most commonly called karma ( ka and maat, hence ka-maat).

Ka meaning one's spiritual nature based upon accumulated deeds during your lifetime. Maat being both the principles of Truth and Justice as the basis for universal balance and order and She - (of the Feminine nature...) - symbolically personified Truth, Justice, Compassion, etc. You know, just like the later personified symbolism of Sophia (Wisdom) and Kuan Yin (Compassion).

Notice the perfect linguistic match, as well as the perfect conceptual match?

Hence both Karma and Ka-Maat mean spiritual truth and justice as the basis for universal balance and order. Now look around at this world, built by money, religion, and politics, to see the blatantly obvious negative results of a civilization lacking truth and justice as the unequivocal guiding principles for both personal and collective deeds and results. Hence, good karma comes from truth, justice, wisdom, etc. Bad karma comes from greed, lies, injustice, etc. Clear Enough?

The Egyptians were also very specific that their symbology was associated with a figure that we know best by the Greek name, Thoth. That symbology has been misrepresented purposely by some and in error by those who have fallen victim to purposeful deceptions. Thoth was referred to as the Lord of Wisdom, and the consort of Maat, hence of truth and justice as the basis for universal balance and order. The association of truth and justice with wisdom was purposeful, as also seen in the Doctrine of Two Spirits.

Most have no clue about the true import of the head of an Ibis, hence a water bird. Simply, heads denote minds and mindsets. Birds symbolize philosophies, hence bodies of knowledge associated with the air, which symbolizes thought and the collective consciousness. Waters symbolize the flow of deeds and change through time. The Ibis is a bird that walks upon the waters, as Jesus was (falsely) supposed to have done. (Notice how this symbolism was treated literally and touted as a miracle...) Thereby, Thoth as the Lord of Wisdom and consort of Maat has the mindset of a philosophy about thoughts and deeds and truth and justice. Notice how this relates to his and Maat's role in weighing the hearts (desires, inclinations) of the dead? Consider the Doctrine of Two Spirits again.

Have you heard about Thoth's emerald tablet or precious stone tables? Notice how this matches Moses' tables of stone from the mountain top, which symbolizes pivotal knowledge, hence wisdom? Emeralds are green, which symbolize life, and crystals are precious stones that symbolize kernels of foundational spiritual wisdom, which of course are more valuable than gold. Therefore, Thoth's emerald table[t] is the Doctrine of Two Spirits, which is the core wisdom of the body of symbolic wisdom also called the Philosopher's (not sorcerer's) Stone. Thereby, the so-called Emerald Tablet(s) of Thoth being passed around are a purposeful deception. See how this topic has been misinterpreted by most and how the simple truth about ancient wisdom symbols straightens it all out?

Other core fallacies associated with both religion and mysticism are the terms spirit and light. Light symbolizes truth and dark refers to the absence of the truth. Spirit refers to the moral essence attached to one's soul, hence the nature of one's existence which "marks" and "colors" one's spiritual quality. Likewise, white refers to a clean spiritual essence and black to a deceptive and evil one, hence unclean. That is why darkness, blackness, and the dead were associated with under the earth and white (clouds) and light are associated with the air, as are Maat's feather and wings. Therefore, the way that Christianity has used spirit and light in the New Testament and reinterpreted the meaning of these in many Hebrew, Egyptian, and other sources is blatant and purposeful deception. Furthermore, these Christian deceptions have influenced Judaism, Islam, and various mystical sources, including and especially the New Age.

Another core error within many religious and mystical traditions, assertions, and allusions is the failure to understand the structure and nature of this universe. It is encoded in many sources, but people have failed to understand these because they either don't recognize the symbolic origins or simply treat them too literally, hence discussions about light and dark and primordial waters and mounds or earth are taken literally and translated and interpreted completely wrong.

One purpose for ancient wisdom symbology was to pass along a model of reality that could be compared with the frontiers of science, now. It repeatedly models and alludes to the numbers four (space-time) and seven (spiritual-conceptual). That is the overriding importance of these numbers in so many ancient symbolic sources. They also synch-up perfectly with David Bohm's materials on the implicate and explicate order and the math of String/M theory that points to an 11-dimension universe. The explicate order is space-time and the implicate order matches the seven dimensions that precede and define space-time. This also explains the importance of the number 11 (4+7) in ancient wisdom symbology. It is a direct and purposeful allusion to the actual structure of this "universe" and reality that we operate within. 11 also models various details about dualism and the importance of truth and justice, hence the two candlesticks and two witnesses from Revelation Chapter 11.

The seven dimensions are not spacial, but informational. Time is the 8th dimension, hence the infinity-eternity symbol and the eight-spoked wheels of karma-dharma. Before space could come into existence, there had to be change, hence time. Space is locational which then provides a locale for matter, energy, movement, etc. Going from nothing to something in this universe requires the existence of time. Space flows from within time, which is itself a flow, hence the symbolism of waters, streams, rivers. I know it seems that the seven dimensions should also require time, but they are non-locational in nature and don't have time-location as we perceive it in space-time. That is why space-time and the data that defines it can be modeled as holographic, which is only partially correct though.

The exact nature and relationships of the 11 dimensions (4 large space-time and 7 small or hidden spiritual-conceptual) are purposely and verifiably encoded and modeled in the symbology of Revelation, certain Old Testament symbolism and key Egyptian-Nubian symbols and concepts. The truthful understanding of the symbology and what it encodes clarifies the meaning of the ancient religious and mystical sources of Africa and Asia and helps prove or disprove the veracity and validity of various texts and concepts. For more details, read the articles at the following link.

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Peace and Wisdom...

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