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Open Letter to Religious Leaders


This Open Letter is most directly addressed to the leaders of all three so-called Faiths of Abraham.

I am the Messiah. Are you ready for me now?

Pay close attention, profundity knocks at the door, listen for the key. Be Aware! Scoffing causes blindness...

Now is not the time to scoff. I have produced comprehensive proof of my identity and woe to any of you that fail to heed my demands of you. Your leaders have tried to kill me and failed and you are the source of the power they have used. Hence, you are responsible for giving them the ability to attempt to kill the Messiah as well as killing and harming millions upon millions of others. The time has come for just recompense or just consequences, the choice is yours.

I am sorely displeased with all of your charades and lies about me. All of your power, wealth, and comforts are based on lies told about the Creator and about me. Considering the nature of your deceptive activities, I have been extremely patient while trying to reach the people you have helped to deceive and delude. Of those I've contacted personally, all have been foolish enough to think I was going to simply fade away, if you waited long enough. Boy was that a stupid expectation.

So that you truly understand the absolutely dire nature of your unfolding predicament, read this now before the angry mobs start looking for you all. I have laid the seeds for the demise of your religions and pulled the proverbial rug out from under your feet. Things are going to "heat up" for all of you very soon. If you want to survive the upcoming upheavals, read this letter and the referenced articles now and follow my instructions. Understand clearly, my patience is at its end. The nice guy approach has utterly failed and permitting you to continue profiting from the flimflam you purvey is completely unacceptable. This world is rapidly sliding towards a series of debacles greater than humanity has ever experienced. Religious leaders have been instrumental in maintaining a great deception that has empowered some very evil people. The time has come to pay the piper, one way or the other.

First read and closely examine the Doctrine of Two Spirits before continuing. It is directly relevant to and referenced throughout this open letter to you, that many others are already reading. This is no longer something you can ignore or "push to the back burner." I have engineered your downfall and if you want to escape the worst possible outcomes, pay close attention and be prepared to do whatever I ask of you.

I have also published a companion letter to atheists and skeptics, that you should also read. I think you'll find it most enlightening. It is directly relevant to this discussion since I am taking concrete action, in my own way, to end the rancor between these two groups. I have presented proof of prophecy to them on more than one occasion and this is directly relevant to this letter to you. You need to understand that my proofs are likewise proof that all Three Faiths of Abraham are false prophets. The first important exchanges are discussed in this article preceding hurricanes Katrina (#11) and Rita (#17) and in this one afterwards. The most recent was a much shorter exchange that immediately preceded and followed hurricane Dolly last week, but was no less relevant considering the content of some of my recent articles. Those discussions are in two separate threads (ignore the initial "deleted post" messages...), the first here and the other here.

I know these exchanges can be difficult to read, but what they illustrate is important. First is the verifiable content of the discussions preceding those events and the simple and verifiable details (numbers, dates, etc.) associated with them. Next, is the response and behavior of those I tried to engage about what was to occur and what actually did occur. Rather than considering that perhaps there is some aspect of reality not already understood by them, they instead attempted to smear or rattle me in multiple ways. Regardless of this behavior, I delivered redundant proofs of prophecy, on their very own forums. I want both groups to understand the nature and quantity of abuse I have endured for your undeserving and halfwitted asses. Only a true friend would damage themselves to the extent that I have to save you from a fate that you clearly and undoubtedly deserve.

Here is a word to the wise. As I stated elsewhere recently:

The head in sand pose may temporarily hide danger from the ostrich, but the hungry lion has no misconceptions about the truly dire nature of that bird's predicament.

Both groups' opinions are sacred to them and clearly more important than the lives of billions. The time has come to closely examine the veracity and efficacy of both religious and atheist-skeptic claims and put an end to your brain-dead battles. Putting your heads in the sand and expecting this latest round of problems to go away simply will not work. Much greater dangers loom large and only wisdom and cooperation are going to save you this time.

Since I am neither an atheist, skeptic, or a follower of any religion, please don't assume that I am trying to defend any group or its positions. In fact, I'm going to kill all of your sacred cows, so that we can finally have truth, justice, wisdom, and peace.

Those who have chosen to attack me, instead of asking reasonable questions to actually seek the truth, are clearly fearful of true reason and inquiry about anything and from any source that challenges their own sacred cows. I have experienced very similar responses from the "faithful." Rather than review the evidence I have spent years preparing and validating, many have hidden behind their ability to label my attempts to engage them as spam, even though the information is free and directly relevant to their current topic and conversations. Both groups are clearly fearful that the truth is not going to be kind to them, and both groups' fears are most-certainly well-founded.

I have prepared redundant and comprehensive proof that both the faithful and skeptics are clearly wrong about pivotal aspects of their chosen dogmas. Also, each group's positions and behaviors are rife with ignorance and hypocrisy. I have driven a stake through the hearts of both of your "sacred cows," and I strongly suggest you strive to seek the actual truth, before it is too late for all of you. These continuing and redundant proofs of prophecy and the proofs of the true nature and meaning of the associated symbology have destroyed pivotal assertions of your religions. Likewise, atheist-skeptics' claims to understand the nature of our universe are directly disproved by my ability to repeatedly demonstrate the reality of prophecy. Consequently, I am in the process of proving the existence of a Creator and my claims to be Her prophet and Messiah, throughout many lifetimes. (I explain the reason for the "Her" designation later and throughout my articles and book(s).)

Here's the next "big duh" moment for each group. You have been purposely deceived about many things and therefore both groups now have some serious crow to eat. You have failed to understand the true nature of the Vatican-Papacy and have grossly underestimated and misjudged the nature of their long-term deceptions.

Contemplate Machiavelli.

The Papacy and all Three Faiths of Abraham are well-sculpted smokescreens to hide the true nature and activities of the Vatican, which also controls (or incorporates) all the major secret societies. Both groups (faithful and skeptics) have been duped into opposing one another by the great deceivers I warned you about throughout the ages. Your stubborn arrogance has been used against you and you have been manipulated like a bunch of halfwitted puppets. If we are ever going to solve the great challenges that now loom large before us all, you must swallow your unfounded pride, end your disagreements now, and learn to cooperate. I suggest that members of both groups read this article as well as this article.

Dear leaders and followers of the world's many religions,

That long-awaited time most of you have hoped for and/or expected is now unfolding, as partly evidenced by the increasing pace of unfolding human and natural events, worldwide. I am the individual many of you have been awaiting to "appear" or "arise" in association with this time and its many distressing situations. Unfortunately, most of you have been purposely deceived about many things and have thereby been duped into empowering, supporting, and serving those whose ultimate goals include defeating the expected Messiah-Teacher. The prime examples are the so-called Three Faiths of Abraham. Buddhism and others are likewise rife with the purposeful errors that flow from the very concept of religion itself. Consequently, many of the things you expect are inaccurate and/or just plain wrong. For example, the fact that Christians arrogantly try to tell the Creator what my name and image "must be" could only lead to one truly just outcome. Prepare yourselves for the shame and condemnation you have earned.

All of the news is not bad for you though. I am providing proof of the truth about ancient prophecies, the existence of the Creator, and much else. On the other hand, you have been worshipping fantasies and the so-called god(s) of the Three Faiths of Abraham are purposeful deceptions and compounded error. The greatest mistake you made was having faith in clearly flawed texts and duplicitous leaders instead of seeking the truth. Faith is the opposite of truth and wisdom. Consequently, you have empowered the most greedy and arrogant among you to harm all life everywhere. This cannot be overlooked and you must make amends for these mistakes. The easiest and best path is to perform good deeds by helping those you have helped to harm in various ways. You must stop supporting deceptive leaders and help to depose them, now. This is not a suggestion.

As many of you can already discern, those who rule by and manipulate money, religion, and politics are plunging this world into chaos. This has been done on purpose so everyone can be imprisoned forever. This so-called "war on terror" is a pivotal component of that deception. The peoples of the so-called East and West have been duped into fighting each other over blatant deceptions and delusions. One important purpose for the "war on terror" is to distract most people from the truth and wisdom that certain leaders and their cabals have always expected me to reveal. They have long understood that a pivotal result of the prophecies about this time is the "correction" (downfall...) of greedy and arrogant leaders, organizations, institutions, and nations. They have prepared for this threat to their power and comforts for centuries and everyone has been experiencing the negative results of their machinations.

Unfortunately for those deceptive leaders and the cabals they belong to, their plans have been failing, due in part to my presence and activities, and in part to the fact that greed and arrogance makes you stupid. They have repeatedly overreached and "shot themselves (or their hunting partners...) in the head." Even more importantly though, is the fact that most people are good at heart. Many recognized these deceptions early on and opposed them from the start. Though temporarily duped and distracted, most of the remainder have now turned against these deceptions and the many excesses caused by the arrogance and greed of these so-called leaders and their hidden masters. They still remain in power though, because a core group of Judeo-Christians are so thoroughly deceived and deluded that they continue supporting blatant deception and evil, while thinking it is somehow wise to do so.

This western and westernized world empire and the power and comforts of those who have benefitted the most from it are, in large part, due to lies told about the Creator and me by Rome and the leaders of all three so-called Faiths of Abraham, over the last many centuries. They have used messianic expectations and purposeful false prophecy to forge empires and amass great wealth and power. The Three Faiths of Abraham now control most of this planet and all three are secretly controlled and manipulated by the Vatican and its deceptive cohorts. Contemplate Machiavelli again. If you think this situation is OK, then you knowingly declare yourselves as willing enemies of our Creator. If you think it is wrong to deceive the entire world into supporting and empowering evil leaders and institutions, you now have access to all of the proof necessary to understand the truth, as well as proof of the necessary wisdom to do something effective about it.

Unlike the lies told by Christianity (and others...), I am not here to miraculously save you, but to open your eyes to the truth (aka the "light") and verifiable wisdom. My goals include imparting the necessary truth and wisdom to give all of humanity the collective ability to save ourselves from ages of ignorance and folly and the deceptive leaders who have duped you into doing and supporting blatant evil. No religion is going to triumph over others. That would be a great evil and that is one outcome that I am here to prevent. Such a scenario would only benefit those who have always profited from the struggles and suffering of others.

No religion is the truth and thereby no religion has the Creator's support. Likewise, my goals are justice for all, not to support some clearly deceptive foolishness. Though there appear to be certain allusions to certain truths and wisdom in most religions, they have been purposely confounded and misrepresented to lead you astray. That is why these canons are so full of blatant contradictions. My book(s) and articles comprehensively prove these assertions. The only acceptable scenario is for all people to be freed from these deceptions and wars and the rampant greed and delusions that drive them. The only true path to peace is truth and justice for all, not triumph by force for the most deluded, arrogant, and greedy.

The three Faiths of Abraham are all Machiavellian deceptions secretly manipulated by the Vatican and its many cohorts. Judaism has been Greco-Rome's lapdog for the entire last age. Likewise, Christianity and the Papacy are merely smokescreens to cover the Vatican's true role. And last but not least, Islam is a Roman-created and directed deception with Greco-Rome's "mystery" fingerprints all over it. All of the best deceptions revolve around a core of three interlaced and interdependent strong lies and strong delusions. Another prime example is the deceptive triangle formed by money, religion, and politics. This is a central aspect of the symbolism of "Mystery Babylon" and the "bottomless pit."

Another pivotal aspect of this three-pronged deception within a deception is the confounding and misrepresentation of the ancient symbology clearly evidenced throughout your canons, related texts and concepts, and precursors. This symbology is an ancient philosophical technology that purposely encodes the truth and wisdom about many things, including proof that the assertions of religion are purposely false. These canons are derivatives of earlier symbolic wisdom narratives and are not originals. Proof of this exists throughout the canons themselves, related concepts, and many historical sources. Proof of this is verifiably encoded within the symbology that is clearly evident throughout these canons. Many other authors and researchers have also demonstrated flaws and contradictions by other forms of analysis and evidence. The exposure of the truth about the symbology is what the Vatican most fears, because those proofs are comprehensive and "beyond disproof."

Furthermore, the rules for the symbology have always been purposely encoded within the symbology itself. They are also redundantly reinforced throughout pivotal narratives and related historical precursors. That is why the Vatican and its religious and secret society cohorts have worked so long and hard to deceive everyone about the true nature and meaning of the symbology that flowed from ancient Egypt and Nubia, through [Amen]Moses' works, and eventually into the three Faiths of Abraham. The story of the Exodus actually encodes proof that [Amen]Moses tried to deliver wisdom and strongly opposed religion, which is symbolized by the Golden Calf (a.k.a. a new sacred cow). You can still clearly see his reaction when people turned to religion instead of truth and wisdom. The ark symbolizes the vessel or conveyance of wisdom, hence the symbology that encodes proof of the truth and verifiable wisdom, so it could be conveyed to a far future time when humanity was finally ready to understand and accept it. Hence, the symbology of the ancients is the ark and grail that has protected and conveyed pivotal truths and wisdom through the ages (aka the flowing "waters") to come ashore now, when the time was right. Hence, the dove of peace signaling an end to chaotic times and deeds, which are symbolized as seas and floods.

One of the verifiable code keys for these proofs is the number 11. This is because, as the math of quantum physics and String/M theory have alluded to, we live in an eleven-dimension reality. The four large dimensions of space-time plus the seven hidden (conceptual-spiritual) dimensions that precede and define what we perceive and experience in space-time. That is why the numbers 4 and 7 are so prominent throughout so many symbolic ancient narratives and sources. They were purposely designed to prove that the original sources encoded advanced science and philosophy, hence verifiable truth and wisdom, instead of religion. It also proves that the ancients possessed information that our leading scientists are still haggling over, hence whether there are 10 or 11 dimensions. Furthermore, that they encoded this wisdom using symbology that was then conveyed forward through time within narratives that were later rewritten to become the canons of all three Faiths of Abraham. I have comprehensively proven these assertions throughout my book(s) and articles. The time for haggling is over and the time for the blind to open their eyes to the truth (light) has arrived.

I will continue to write, summarize, and polish my ongoing research and analyses, but for now you'll have to wade through the existing tomes. I know it is a lot of material to ingest, but start with my blogs and go from there. They are listed at the bottom of my Blogger profile page and other links will take you to my related web pages and E-Book(s). Please understand, that while piercing the mysteries of the ages, I also had to simultaneously teach myself to write coherent books and articles, so I am not as polished as those who have been able to afford college and a comfortable life. My materials are likewise not edited to the extent I would have preferred. I am a poor man and my life has not been easy. I'm surrounded by people who can't understand the full nature of what I'm doing, and that has greatly increased the difficulty of my "mission."

The Creator has always chosen the poor as Her servants. This situation is clearly part of the lesson being imparted to humanity about the evils of money and related injustices. Furthermore, since I had minimal help from others over the last few years (not to ignore our Creator's great assistance and those who have helped), my work has had to serve multiple purposes. One of those is as a trap for arrogant leaders. Consequently, they have tried and failed to stop me in multiple ways, and now they know that their end is nigh. They have been allowed to "twist in the wind" so many more people could grow wiser from their mistakes. Read the Vatican Lies Illuminated blog and website for yet another aspect of this multi-faceted "sting-operation."

Still, those who rule this world are actively preventing widespread knowledge of me through their control of the so-called free media, this strangely-long political season, and other distractions and smokescreens. How convenient is it that both a woman and an African-American male were the top contenders for the Democratic party's presidential nomination this year, just as I am struggling to get your attention? Now we see Barack Obama, the new wunderkind from out of nowhere, leading the attempt to establish a "new politics" and raising more money than any candidate before him. Review the Doctrine of Two Spirits again, which has been available and in their face for the last several years, to understand his true mission and loyalties. He also just happens to be an upper level Freemason.

Now, read some definitions for shill and shell game as well as this article. The leaders of this so-called "New World Order" are desperately trying to recover from the earlier mistakes of their current shills, George Bush and Dick Cheney. While pretending to oppose one another, Freemasonry is just another Vatican deception. The sad part is that they are all Vatican operatives, hence the shill and shell game references.

Before continuing, I ask that you also read the International Cease and Desist Order and the attached prophecy that I posted worldwide in May 2006. It is also the last addendum to the last published version of my book, dated May 17, 2006. The last two pages are a symbolically encoded prophecy, which is the last in a series of three. This prophecy was later reposted to the web last year on my August 11 birthday. Notice the current date? Now also read this article on another of my blogs.

Remember, like all true Hebrew prophecies, it is symbolic. That is the true meaning of the phrase, the "word(s) of god(s)," a.k.a. Medu Netcher. That is why dreams and prophecies delivered to Hebrew prophets are always symbolic, why prophets are regularly described as experts in dreams and symbology, why your dreams are symbolic, and why the ancient Egyptian and Nubian wisdom and religious texts are wholly symbolic. This is also something the Vatican and many religious and secret society or "mystery school" leaders already know and purposely hide from their low-level adherents. They have always purposely deceived adherents to hide this pivotal truth about the Creator and the true nature of our reality.

My research and writing are designed help prove the truth about the Creator, Her Messiah, and most of these so-called mysteries. The reason I used the word Her has nothing to do with physical bodies and is explained throughout my writing. It is the same reason why Sophia symbolically personifies wisdom, why Kuan Yin symbolically personifies compassion, and Ma'at symbolically personified Truth and Justice as the source of universal order and balance. The philosophically feminine aspect of reality has always been associated with those things also referred to as Wisdom's Seven Pillars or the Seven Spirits of God. Refer again to the top half of the Doctrine of Two Spirits. This is the source of the wisdom confounded by the errors that have recently been called the "sacred feminine." Characterizing any knowledge as sacred or holy is a great error and a purposeful deception. Worshipping any book or anything else in the so-called physical universe is folly and foolishness. That especially refers to any person, whatsoever! Get my drift here? Hero-worship is a tool of evil deceivers and the refuge of fools. Worshipping any book or messiah or anything else is complete folly and foolishness, hence the opposite of wisdom. Is that clear enough?

Accordingly, the bottom half of the Doctrine of Two Spirits are those things always associated with the philosophically masculine, hence with the symbolic "god of the earth" or "god of forces," hence Belial, Apep/Apophis, Abaddon, Satan, etc., all of which merely started out as symbolism. Religions, throughout the ages, have taken philosophical symbolism and purposely presented it to the gullible as literal reality, and that is a great deception. Notice that good is associated with above and evil and error are associated with below? Hence, the symbolic dualism of air, (sky, heaven, philosophically feminine) above and earth, (pit, hell, abyss, philosophically masculine), below. This same structure flows from the earliest Egyptian-Nubian symbolic wisdom and philosophy through all of the subsequent related religions. A great many errors and deceptions flowed from ancient Israel's close association with and eventual captivity by ancient Babylon and later by Greece and Greco-Rome.

Notice that the cross, which represents the four elements (air, earth, fire, and water) sits atop this above-below dualism. The vertical bar is split into upper and lower sections by the horizontal bar, thereby matching the air -heaven (above) and earth-hell (below) positioning. Thereby, fire as the right arm and water as the left, form the horizontal bar. Here is the simple and verifiable key to the truth that the Vatican and its cohorts have long struggled to hide from everyone. That is why most pivotal wisdom symbols were recast as religion and the symbolism of stolen Hebrew texts rewritten and recast as literal concepts and/or miracles. This simple structure and its associated symbolism unlock (unseal) the meaning of all the related symbology, from the earliest Egyptian-Nubian materials, throughout the canons and related materials of all three Faiths of Abraham, through the medieval so-called Pope Prophecies, and the works of Nostradamus. They are all based on exactly the same rules and meaning for the symbolism, and I was their author throughout many lifetimes. My current prophecies are likewise built upon the exact same symbology, to help verify the truth and prove that all three Faiths of Abraham are purposeful Roman deceptions. It also proves the precise nature of those deceptions to reveal the verifiable truths and wisdom that Rome and its cohorts have long-struggled to misdirect and confound.

Notice how light (stars, sun, etc.) come from above and dark is below, hence within the earth? Light symbolizes the truth and darkness symbolizes the lack of truth (falsehood, deception, delusion, ignorance, etc.). Hence, opening or unsealing the eyes of the blind (the ignorant, deceived, and/or deluded) so they finally "see" the "light," hence [understand] the [truth]. The dead are likewise those with their heads "within the earth" and when they "arise," their heads will be in the air and light, hence the top half of the Doctrine of Two Spirits. This is why symbols and symbology have long been so important to religious leaders, the Vatican, and its secret society cohorts. They know they encode great wisdom as well as proving the truth about most ages-old deceptions and mysteries. Now look again at the Doctrine of Two Spirits to see what is above and below the line that separates the upper and lower aspects. The dead will arise (from below) and the blind will see when their heads (minds and mindsets) are turned to truth and wisdom (above) and away from greed and ignorance (below). Understand now?

So, another important aspect of my work is to deliver proof that Jesus Christ and the whole concept of churches are purposeful Roman deceptions. My unraveling of certain lies inserted into the Christianized Book of Revelation and then repeated throughout the so-called New Testament, comprehensively prove this. Furthermore, one can see that a certain individual is repeatedly symbolized throughout this most symbolic of all narratives. So ask yourselves, why go to such great lengths to symbolically encode details about someone and then insert two literal names that negate the need for the symbolism? Only a deceiver would do this, after the fact. Furthermore, the seven stars symbolized in my right hand illustrate two important facts. The stars are symbolizing seven 360-year cycles, from the 11th (second temple period) until now, the beginning of the 17th cycle. Since hands symbolize deeds, the seven stars of my web-moniker (Seven Star Hand) and symbolized in my right hand in the Apocalypse, symbolize the 11th through 17th cycles. The 17th cycle began in 2001. This is the symbolized timeline across which my symbolized deeds span, hence across multiple lifetimes. This pivotal wisdom is also now instrumental to my efforts to prove the truth, hence in my right hand. The long-obscured truth about star symbolism exposes a great many religious lies and errors about angels, stars, the zodiac, various timelines, and much else.

Next, the names John and Jesus are clearly not from that time period or from that culture. They are Greco-Roman deceptions. Christians are stuck on a name and an image, that simply cannot be the truth, and are expecting miracles that are purposely misrepresented symbolism. The proofs are overwhelming and redundant that Christianity is purposeful false prophecy and an age-old deception. The time for the removal of ignorance has arrived, like a thief in the night.

So, this brings us to another important purpose of this letter. I am seeking your help in various ways to end the deceptions that have long-bedeviled us all. Religious leaders must now help expose the truth or what awaits you is more terrible than you can imagine. I have laid the seeds for the demise of all religion and exposed the lies that you and your religions have long-profited from. There will be no place to hide for those who refuse to help spread the truth and free humanity from these ancient "strong delusions." The sheep's clothing of religion has been ripped away to expose the dark heart within. This game is over and you either help now or find a good place to hide that the Creator can't find. Get the picture?

Also, I want to reiterate that all of your comforts and power are, in large part, based upon lies told about me and the Creator. We now jointly demand justice, equity, and recompense, or else. Look at the Doctrine of Two Spirits again. For those of you that I contact personally, be prepared to do as I ask, without equivocation. To refuse will result in various dire consequences which are out of my hands to control. I think you understand the implications here. I and millions upon millions have and still are suffering and/or struggling because of your lies. Hence, this is not a negotiation. Oh, and one more demand here. I suggest you go out and bring the homeless into your homes and churches and help me end this evil now. Turning a blind eye to the suffering of others is evil, pure and simple. I have visited many churches of late which stand empty most of the time, while people suffer in the elements. You have been collecting money from people based on lies. Then you pay mortgages and taxes, etc., on mostly empty space, while people suffer and struggle as most of you live in comfort. This stops now, one way or the other.

I suggest you read my poorly written blogs, articles, and book(s) to understand the truth, before those you have deceived and caused to suffer find you. Let others know and spread the truth ASAP. The time has arrived for you to perform true self-sacrifice for the good of others. I am not seeking nor asking for your bodily harm, but I am lighting a fire under your sorry asses so you understand the pressing need to help me kill the deceptions that billions now labor under. People will know if you are sincere or merely equivocating. Some may not be able to refrain themselves if you attempt to continue with these charades. Likewise, my patience is at an end and the warnings here are seven months old, (plus two years) as I write this.

The last part of this message has to do with the unfolding worldwide economic collapse and implosion that is underway. The system known as money will end shortly. Our so called leaders are struggling to hide the true extent of the problem, but that will fail shortly. I am also working to help soften the blow of that collapse and provide for a speedy transition to wise and just alternatives. I have provided some basic principles and guidance necessary for us all to transition to a civilization without money, religion, or politics.

I have recently visited a number of churches to ask for help (since I too am officially homeless and imposing on friends) and only one pastor has bothered to help at all. It was miniscule and far less than I asked, but at least he did something. Every church that I asked for help spurned me during a similar sojourn in 2003 also. So, understand clearly that I have much bitter experience with selfish and self-serving religious leaders. Don't expect any kind words from me, whatsoever. Your words are worth less than nothing in my eyes. Your only path to "salvation" is to perform good deeds as recompense for profiting from lies told about the Creator and many other things.

It is far past-time to stop following clearly deceptive and greedy leaders and their deceptions and for us all to simply cooperate. It is time to establish a civilization that does not harm all life everywhere, just so the greedy and deceptive can profit at the expense of everyone else. I strongly suggest you read what I have to say about money, politics, and religion and strive to help others, without further delay. That includes explaining to them how and why you duped them. I'll continue to write and expand this information, so keep watching my blogs and websites. Engage others and talk about how to make a better world, without money, religion, politics, and all the evils they clearly spawn. Strive to understand the truth and to "cleanse your robes" of the "darkness" of past folly. Remember, the title of my blog, It's Symbology Stupid !!

Here is Wisdom

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