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Discussing More Fallacies and Hidden Truths

As a followup to the previous article on this blog, I am continuing the informal series of using my comments on other blogs and discussions as content on my blogs. DK Matai started a discussion last year about the true meaning of the Mayan calendar date, titled 21 Dec 2012: Golden Age or End of the World?. It is here on IntentBlog and referenced here most recently at Holistic Quantum Relativity (HQR) on Google groups.

Following is my long reply, with minor edits, adjustments, and added links:


Hello again all,

Just stopping in for a quick hello and then back to the mountaintop. Sorry for the large data dump, but that is my way for now. I first wanted to agree with DK on his analysis of what 12/21/2012 actually means. If you are a little patient and read the articles at this site, you'll see that I had also earlier come to the exact same conclusions, but from a different direction. Very glad to see this corroboration. The History Channel (in the USA) has been pushing the 2012 Apocalypse theme, which serves the purposes of its mysterious backers, who actively profit from the fear and delusion of humanity. That will end sooner than expected !!!

Also, for those discussing the association with the number 11 ( Richard and others ), which I have a great interest in, notice that the sum of the digits of 12/21/2012 is 11. (1+2+2+1+2+0+1+2=11). 11 symbolizes truth and justice, hence the Two Candlesticks and Two Witnesses from Revelation Chapter 11. When one clears up certain verifiable deceptions in the Christianized Book of Revelation, it verifiably models several stunning scientific facts which prove that Rome has always lied about pivotal details. Specifically, it models the 11 dimension structure of this universe using specific cycles of time and the Hebrew calendar, which conclude now. Many have missed this and are operating on certain errors flowing from Christian Rome's deceptions (Richard...). Likewise, 11:11 (22 or 2+2...) models verifiable wisdom about the dualism inherent in this universe, which is also modeled by the Doctrine of Two Spirits, which is also encoded in several ancient sources, including Revelation (Richard...). These are not mere coincidences. Notice that 2009 also sums to 11? (Count today's date of 2/18/2009...) This is not a discussion about numerology, but about purposefully symbolized wisdom that is inherent to the structure of this universe and which is purposely being used to teach humanity certain specific lessons in preparation for true enlightenment, hence the wisdom of truth and justice as an underlying law of existence.

I know the focus here is on oneness and wholeness, instead of duality (dualism, polarity, etc.). I just want to point out that this misses pivotal details about existence in this universe, which is inherently dual and can't be changed. All data about details and functionality in this universe prove the inherence of duality/polarity. This doesn't merely point to either-or extremes though, but to the flows between those extremes which animate this universe. That is the meaning of the holo-movement, the flow of time and change, etc., etc. Dualism is necessary before one can go from nothing to something, from here to there, etc. Without polarity, there could be no space or time or mass or energy. Another important thing to realize is that dualism is required for there to be a path. Those who bastardized ancient wisdom (Babylon to Rome...) misconstrued and purposefully hid aspects of this information to create "us and them" philosophies, hence religion (Faiths of Abraham...), politics, etc. So, the proper purpose of a dualistic philosophy is to label and understand deeds and results for the purpose of determining wise and unwise actions, not to categorize people as enemies. The latter is a great failure and a purposeful deception by some.

On the other hand, in that non-location, which I refer to as dimension zero, from which the Creator and souls emanate and operate, we are one. There are many details which none of us can prove but only infer and deduce, until we finally solve certain more pressing and distracting situations in this world, first. Humanity has been deceived and misled about many things and from this basis much error has flowed throughout the preceding centuries into the present. Far too many people are basing their desires and philosophies on things that simply can't be supported by a truthful assessment of the available data. Many errors bedevil the New Age and New Consciousness movements which will doom them to failure. Many of these have been purposely created to cause failure and others are simply imprecise deduction.

Remember, we live in an 11 dimension universe. The four dimensions of space-time are preceded and defined by seven spiritual-conceptual dimensions and 4+7=11 and 1+1=2. This inherent dual structure is purposely modeled using symbology throughout many ancient wisdom sources. Notice the infintity/eternity symbol, which is the number 8 on its side? Notice how this models two zones linked by a looping stream(er)? One aspect is spiritual-conceptual since seven dimensions precede the four dimensions of space-time. The first dimension of space-time is dimension 8, which is time, which also matches the eight-spoked wheel of karma-dharma. Thereby, another non-coincidence which is purposely modeled through ancient symbology. Curious, wouldn't you say?

These details are also described by string/m theory, quantum physics, and Bohm's wholeness and the implicate order. Hence, dual morality, which is regulated by karma, a.k.a. ka-maat or spiritual truth and justice as the basis for universal order, hence laws of the universe. Karma (spiritual cause and effect) operates within the spiritual-conceptual aspect of our universe and is manifested in the outcomes within space-time. This universe is inherently dual and the simplest structure is dual. Even though we emanate from a non-dual, non-locale, the universe is "elsewhere" and "otherwise."

Never forget though, that non-locality is only in context to the locality of this universe and context is everything. Since we are "there," it is somewhere, just not of "here." The pivotal importance of this insight is that many people are confusing you/we that are "aware of being aware" with the universe that we operate within and manipulate. It is similar to an artist and their work. The canvas or other media is molded by the artist, but it is not the artist. It is likewise with a computer system and the operator that manipulates software, data, and hardware on the internet. You that are "aware of being aware" are an operator with an interface unit into a shared system with specific rules and boundaries. They are required while networked with others, but less so when you disconnect. We are all connected to this universe and its rules and boundaries. When we dream or meditate deeply, we are only partially disconnected and the rules don't apply as much but we still have a body (avatar, interface). While awake and still in use of our body, we have stricter limits.

Thereby, to succeed in this universe we must truly understand and master the wisdom of dualism, hence chapter one of the operators manual, as clearly modeled and discussed in the above-linked article. Some have attempted to hide these details so they win at the game of life, while all others struggle.

Remember, we are still in bodies, and bodies of are of this universe, and we are tightly bound to this arrangement, until we can solve certain problems, collectively. No one leaves alone. Since we are one, it is a problem for us all as long as any one "entity" (avatar...) among us fails. Either we all succeed, or we all fail. Understand?

This wisdom, which was symbolized in ancient Egypt-Nubia and encoded throughout the original symbolic Hebrew narratives, was bastardized and obfuscated by those who failed to understand it and/or who purposely sought to hide certain details over the past several millennia. Some are deluded into thinking that their power and wealth relies on keeping us all divided. Contemplate Machiavelli. Isn't it amazing that certain elements of this civilization seem singularly focused on minimizing and destroying the Africans from which this ancient wisdom originated? It is my role to clarify long-obscured wisdom, prove the truth, and thereby help everyone cleanse the knowledge bases (and deeds) of humanity, so we can all finally evolve beyond what now exists. We all need each other or else the wholeness you crave will never be realized. Understand?

Just because I don't chime in to every conversation doesn't mean that I have left or forgotten you. I pay very close attention to more than you might guess. I am looking forward to a harmonious future, full of enlightened friends, finally freed from the deceptions, delusions, and misconceptions that now divide us all. I'm working on my own projects, which you will all need sooner than you expect. Here's a sample, if you haven't seen it yet:

Grasping the Truth about Wisdom

Now I'll go away again, to my "mountain top" retreat. I have several articles and books in progress. Please understand this when I disappear to think and work with minimal interruptions. I have many things to consider and describe, which we can discuss further in the future.

Peace and Wisdom to you all,

Seven Star Hand
The Teacher...

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