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The Messages of Gobekli Tepe are Multifold

The revelations that flow from the exposure of key details about the Hebrew prophets and their long term mission are designed to expose and defeat the deceptions and delusions of religion, money, and politics that have led humanity to the brink of doom, yet again. Only this time, we have the ability to destroy the planet and "bomb ourselves back into the stone age". A vital purpose of the long term project of the Hebrew prophets was to pass along proof of vital information to our time. In addition to the lessons about religion are historical details to help us avoid the doom that visited our ancestors.

Thereby, this is a very good place to again remind everyone that the messages of Gobekli Tepe are multi-fold.

As mentioned before, it is in the Mountains of Ararat, as mentioned in the story of Noah and the Ark. As also described, this is not a literal story and is purposely symbolic, while incorporating locations, situations, and events as the source of its symbolism and proof of timeline. The site is a series of circular stone "temples" based on zodiac symbolism. The stones are carved with a large number of animal images, also matching the story of Noah's "ark". Furthermore, each stone circle has dual large stone obelisks at their center. These are purposely associated with the Noah's Ark story for the revelations and resulting wisdom it provides.

Next, pay attention that [Amen]Moses, was an Egyptian sage, steeped in the symbology of ancient wisdom. In the Exodus, he is directly associated with two carved/inscribed stone tablets/tables, symbolic of ancient wisdom. The dual stones symbolize ancient wisdom based on dualism. Similarly, the animals of Noah's ark are described as two-by two which is another purposeful reference to dualism. Notice also that there are two arks, one associated with Noah and then another later in time, associated with Moses. Both are clearly symbolic and two of them refers to the wisdom of dualism, among other symbolized vital wisdom.

Moses later breaks up his two stones and hides them in an "ark". That ark is not a box and it is not a boat. It is a symbolic construction and conveyance. Now notice that the stone circles at Gobekli Tepe each also have two large stone slabs aka pillars, at their center. The site was also buried and thereby hidden in a man-made hill, long before the time of Moses, yet he accurately pinpointed its location and key details in Genesis. His Exodus story also purposely incorporates key symbolic details found at Gobekli Tepe, buried several millennia earlier. It is clear that these details were passed along across the intervening millennia and protected and Moses learned of these in Egypt or after his departure or both.

Gobekli Tepe has been verifiably dated to circa 12,000 years ago, hence at the end of the last great ice age, when the melting of the ice sheets eventually raised global sea levels around 400 feet. Some of that rise occurred rapidly during a series of major melt and flooding events. The Missoula floods in the Northwest USA are a prime example of such events. The many flood stories from many regions and civilizations have their source in the dramatic events at the end of the ice age that eventually destroyed most of humanity and our cities and civilizations around the planet.

Note: 2/7/2019
Since the original posting of this article, new evidence has come to light further supporting large meteorite (asteroid..) strike(s) on the northern ice sheets that caused the Younger Dryas retreat into the ice age for another 1200 years, killed off most of the mega fauna, and ended the period of civilization the Egyptians called Zep Tepi, hence the First Times. One such strike recently validated under the ice in Greenland is the Hiawatha Crater, 19 miles wide and 1000 feet deep under a mile of ice. It is a young feature and evidence so far points to a date around 12,900 years ago, when the ice sheet was around two miles thick. That much ice and melt water thrown into the atmosphere and oceans by multiple strikes would have created all the conditions in the story of Noah and ancient flood tales from other cultures, such as Mesopotamia.

Back then, just like now, that doom was ultimately set in motion by arrogance and greed. We now have the ability to understand the proof that humanity caused our own destruction and that we were in fact reduced from an advanced global civilization, back into the "stone age" in most places. Nature finished the job with climate change and meteor strikes. Some of the remnants who  survived initiated a long term operation designed to pass along vital knowledge and symbolically encoded details designed to help us in this epoch, far in their futures, avoid our ancestor's terrible fate, 11-13,000 years ago.

Gobekli Tepe is proof of this. Its location and key details in Genesis, some of which are also purposely repeated in the Exodus, are proof of the reality of the efforts of the Hebrew prophets and how they were started millennia ago, during the zodiac age of the Lion. This is also the final years of the same time period that the Egyptians called Zep Tepi, aka the first times. They described it as a golden age of an advanced civilization. Like so many others, they also say that it ended in a great disaster that affected the globe. Now we have the smoking gun crater(s) and other evidence.

The reason for passing along the details of ancient wisdom and the symbology used to encode it is to ensure that vital wisdom and historical knowledge successfully made it to our time. The "ark" that would carry it across the waters of time is the symbology of ancient wisdom and the various texts and archeology that were designed to make it to our time, hence the early years of the 17th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar. Another vital component was the ancient zodiac, also based on key symbolism, including that of stars. The circular enclosures at Gobekli Tepe are ancient zodiacs, based mostly on animal symbolism associated with constellations of stars and their verifiable and precise movements through time.

The other detail is that waters also symbolize the flow of human deeds through time. Floods further symbolize great change that wipes away things of the past. Rivers and streams are also symbols for timelines and the changes during those times. With this symbolism in mind, now consider that the symbolic conveyance(s) symbolized as arks, have been borne through time on the waters symbolizing human deeds. More specifically though, the deeds of the religions that would claim and cling to and pass along these details across a very long timeline, ending in the early years of the 17th cycle, age of Aquarius, and 21st century, which is right now.

One other purpose of this ages-long operation was to educate humanity by proving that religion is delusion and deception by also proving the truth about the long term plans of the Hebrew prophets. They always knew religion would be used to distort and hide the truth and manipulate humanity. They also knew it would not go away until far in their futures. Consequently, it was used to transmit key details across long periods of time, encoded by the symbolism of ancient wisdom that religion most often presented literally and thereby falsely.

Looking at the state of our world, it should now be obvious to all onlookers that the truth about these ancient sites and religious texts are the key to ending the delusions and deception that are still being used to manipulate large segments of humanity. The truth about the ancient precursors to today's religions will serve as the spark to bring the light of sanity back to our nation and to the world...

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