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Grasping the Light from Treasures in Earthen Vessels

This article is in part a direct response to an earlier article, titled : Treasures in Clay Jars, published on 9/25/2013 by Mark Wilson in the Bible History Daily section on the Biblical Archeology Society web site.  The article presents interpretations of 2 Corinthians 4:7, shown below in two translations.

King James Bible
But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.

From the BAR article
But we have this treasure in clay jars, so that it may be made clear that this extraordinary power belongs to God and does not come from us.

There are numerous translations that mostly convey the same general idea with one or two that appear to go out of their way to misdirect from the obvious meaning, as you can see here. The two above are sufficient to prove what they actually refer to and why the conclusions presented in the earlier BAR article are completely erroneous.

I am not a Biblical scholar in the accepted sense of the title since I am not invested in trying to support (apologize for...) easily disproved religious assertions, just to pay my bills. My primary literary focus has instead been on the symbology that permeates the Torah, Tanakh, Bible, Quran, and related texts and concepts and exploring the myriad ramifications thereof. Over the last decade plus, I have reverse-engineered the ancient symbology to prove its rules and meaning and thereby presented overwhelming proof that the New Testament is simply not the truth. Furthermore, it can be easily and redundantly demonstrated that it is the result of stolen Hebrew texts, taken during the sacks of Qumran, Jerusalem, and probably also Masada. They were later deceptively rewritten to serve the purposes of the Roman Empire, precisely as we have seen evidence of throughout the intervening centuries.

In addition to my and others' detailed analyses of these ancient texts, related religious and historical claims, and the always self-serving interpretations from far too many Biblical scholars, we also have pivotal archeological evidence that supports the conclusion of blatant deception by Christian Rome. Chief among those archeological finds are the Dead Sea Scrolls. Another similar and very important find are the Nag Hammadi Codexes. Pay close attention that both of these archeological finds are considered priceless treasures of ancient knowledge, and they were both buried in earthen vessels, a.k.a clay jars.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are the key to unlocking the mystery though, since everyone concedes their burial long preceded the canonization of the New Testament, by as much as three centuries. There are many clues linking the Dead Sea Scrolls, those most commonly referred to as "Essenes," and the dubious stories of "apostles" as presented in the New Testament. Furthermore, the stories of Paul's journey to Damascus are easily shown to be a reference to Qumran, which is called Damascus in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and elsewhere. This is directly relevant because Corinthians has long been attributed to the character "Paul/Saul" and as I will demonstrate, the evidence instead links it directly to the community that buried the Dead Sea Scrolls. It will also become obvious that tales of "Paul" and others are merely the cover stories created to hide Rome's crimes and whitewash how they came into possession of those texts after the destruction of Jerusalem, Qumran, and the Second Temple.

To further reinforce this, the religious disciples alluded to in these texts would have considered the great collections of knowledge, wisdom texts, and prophecies as priceless treasures and this is how they are treated, even to this day. Consider also that the Qumran caves were a specialized Genizah, hence burial places for texts containing the names of God. As I will prove later in this article, they knew there were prophecies within and the very method of entombment, in precisely 11 caves, during the 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar was designed to deliver verifiable proof of this, far in their own futures. Further evidence of this can be found in the symbols on two of the ossuaries from Talpiot Tomb B. As I have repeatedly shown in earlier articles and books, those who buried the Dead Sea Scrolls used the same hidden star-time code used extensively throughout the Book of Revelation, proving that the true author was from that community, and was not a Christian. Also, that Revelation was authored before the revolt against Rome and resulting destruction of the Second Temple, Jerusalem, and most of those who directly opposed Rome.

On the other side of the coin, is the earlier article's attempts to say that treasure refers instead to hoards of money, hence to a literal financial treasure. Knowing the groups and dynamics of the time, and regardless of whether you look to the Dead Sea Scrolls or the New Testament, the people alluded to and responsible for the original texts and resulting stories, during the Second Temple period, would have been strongly opposed to the veneration of money. They took vows of poverty, and lived communally, which meant sharing material belongings, instead of hoarding and admiring money and material wealth. Regardless of the different versions of history asserted, they all still agree on this key point.

Even the Copper Scroll which lists various caches of what could be called treasure appears more like an inventory of hidden temple treasury and belongings, and not those of the community. They would never have written a line about a hoard of money in such glowing terms and then associated it with God and light. They were dedicated to living as examples of that well known saying; you can't serve both God and mammon. Thereby, they were not speaking literally about treasure or light, which also fits the historical setting and contents of the Dead Sea Scrolls, all the Hebrew religious and wisdom texts, and the later derivatives seen in the Gnostic Gospels, Apocrypha, the New Testament, and Quran.

A similar error is seen with the effort to say they were talking about literal light, since the preceding verse has dual references to light that are clearly meant symbolically and not literally. Furthermore, it directly links light, knowledge, and God, just as the Dead Sea Scrolls do, repeatedly. Anyone with a passing knowledge of the Dead Sea Scrolls knows they called themselves the "Sons of Light," among other wholly symbolic titles. The Community Rule and other scrolls use light, dark, and related symbolism repeatedly. Inherent in such a title is the existence of their opponents, sons of darkness, because the dualism of light and dark is a core feature of symbolized wisdom from before ancient Egypt through the Hebrew texts, to the mystery schools and esoteric endeavors of our time.

Light symbolizes the truth (and true knowledge) and darkness symbolizes its absence, hence lies, deception, delusion, ignorance, etc. As you see throughout the New Testament, it has been used incorrectly and where used as it would have been in the original symbolic sources, it is purposely misinterpreted. As seen in the referenced BAS article and many others elsewhere, religious leaders and scholars regularly go out of their way to misinterpret obvious symbolism in ways clearly designed to misdirect from the truth. In fact, many go out of their way to avoid raising the question of symbolism, regardless of how obvious it may be. Thereby, they are serving and spreading darkness, instead of light.

Below are two different translations showing the verses preceding and following for a more complete picture. In verse 4:6 below, see how the symbolism of light is used and directly linked to knowledge, precisely as seen in the Dead Sea Scrolls and many other sources.

4:6 For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.
4:7 But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.
4:8 We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair;
4:9 Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;

4:6 Seeing it is God, that said, Light shall shine out of darkness, who shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.
4:7 But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the exceeding greatness of the power may be of God, and not from ourselves;
4:8 we are pressed on every side, yet not straitened; perplexed, yet not unto despair;
4:9 pursued, yet not forsaken; smitten down, yet not destroyed;

Thereby, here in 2 Corinthians is a line that clearly refers to the Dead Sea Scrolls that has been placed into the mouth of the New Testament character called Paul. It is also clear that neither "Paul" nor the Church in Rome had any clue about the location of this hoard of knowledge (treasure, light) or it would have met the same dark fate as did other texts gathered by force by Imperial Rome and in later centuries by Christian Rome. We see what happened in Judea with the extermination of the Hebrew saints and how Christianity mysteriously arose thereafter, and began using the concept of saints as a wholly deceptive PR tool. We also know what happened to the Gnostics that arose in Egypt and elsewhere. Rome decided all other versions of Second Temple history and philosophy had to be destroyed, as they imposed the New Testament through force, deception, and centuries of oppression. Notice that our understanding of the truth about the Gnostic texts and viewpoints were greatly increased by the Nag Hammadi Codexes, also found hidden in an earthen vessel and thereafter shone light where once there was darkness.

There still is no evidence of the existence of "Jesus" or of Christianity before the revolt and subsequent destruction of Jerusalem and the Second Temple, because it simply doesn't exist. In fact, all the evidence that comes to light instead proves that Rome has been lying all along about people, timelines, events, and everything else. The supposed last text in the New Testament, the Apocalypse, a.k.a Book of Revelation, is easily shown to be the oldest and the most Hebrew, hence the most heavily symbolic. It has been verifiably and redundantly linked directly to those who buried the Dead Sea Scrolls, throughout its contents, the symbology, the unique burial method (and time) of the scrolls, and other archeological evidence we'll explore later in this article. In other words, it was stolen and deceptively rewritten and sold throughout the centuries as a prophecy delivered by an "angel of Jesus" to someone named John. There is redundant evidence throughout Revelation and elsewhere, purposely designed to prove this and other stories about literal angels, "Jesus," and so-called Christian history are blatant lies designed to hide what truly occurred two millennia ago, and why.

For two millennia we have witnessed blatant lies enforced through fear and violence and coupled with repeated attempts to manufacture evidence designed to spin and co-opt Hebrew history. Christian Rome, now the Vatican, has undertaken a long-term struggle to give the lies in the New Testament some sheen of validity. As I have already repeatedly shown and will continue to reveal proof of, the Vatican and cohorts are still struggling to keep both me and the truth about what happened two millennia ago buried and hidden from the rest of the world, proving they have always known they were lying, and still are. Unfortunately for them, one of those who buried the Dead Sea Scrolls was the true prophet of the Second Temple period and the true author of the Book of Revelation. His name was neither Jesus nor John. A well-designed and multi-faceted trap was set up using these symbolic prophecies and maintained through the centuries so people of this time would have verifiable proof of the truth designed to free us all from an age of darkness, long-ago imposed from Rome.

Part Two
Seeing the light through Hebrew Prophecy

One thing common to both religious and wisdom groups of the Second Temple period is the attribution of Hebrew prophecies to the Creator, but delivered through the words and deeds of the prophets, and consistently associated with knowledge, wisdom, and light. Thereby, when someone wrote about hidden treasures in earthen vessels, so the credit for the light would go to God, there is only one way that would happen, which is far in their future, after they were long gone. Thereby, this is a purposeful reference to prophecy associated with those clay jars and their contents. If you pay attention to the passage from Corinthians again, it could easily have been written by those who buried the Dead Sea Scrolls, especially after we remove "in the face of Jesus Christ," which no one associated with Qumran or any of the Hebrew sects, would have ever written.

The second version below shows a reconstruction of what the original text most likely said. Also, pay close attention that verse 4:7 is making a direct reference to the knowledge mentioned in 4:6. The original author was clearly saying that their scrolls (knowledge) contained light (the truth), and this "treasure of light" was hidden away in earthen vessels. Then he says there will be proof that God is the ultimate source of the light they placed in those jars. Now, just under two millennia later, that hidden light has come forth as they expected and is widely seen (known), just in time for the events of the 17th cycle when far more light would be revealed. As you see, there is stunning proof of the truth about Rome's deceptions throughout the New Testament, waiting for the time when more people could understand the evidence.

4:6 For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge [of the glory of God [in the face of Jesus Christ].
4:7 But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.
4:8 We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair;
4:9 Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;

4:6 For God commanded light to shine out of darkness, and it has shone in our hearts, to give us the light of knowledge.
4:7 We have this treasure in earthen vessels, to prove that the source of this light is God, and not us.
4:8 We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair;
4:9 Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;

Slavish hero worship that elevates people to the status of God is something that came with the Greeks and Romans and has always been strongly opposed throughout Hebrew history, thanks to their history in Egypt. Sure, there were and still are heroes, including the prophets, who were used as examples, sources of knowledge and wisdom, and inspirations of how to "walk the talk," but they were seen as men of special circumstances, knowledge, and character who served their God, through their human deeds. They would not have repeated a behavior so closely associated with Egyptian Pharaohs, which was being repeated by the Greeks and Romans. The repeated pattern of obvious interpolations of foreign names and concepts and repeated attempts to spin details and symbology evidenced throughout the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Hebrew canon, can be seen throughout the New Testament and across the past two millennia.

Deceptive modifications are most readily exposed throughout the Apocalypse. Its structured symbology and the unique content of its narrative were expertly and purposefully designed to resist the fully expected efforts to misdirect and bury the truth throughout the two millennia that would follow. It was purposely designed to eventually expose Rome's deceptions at a very specific time in their far futures. After all, the true author was the true prophet of the Second Temple Period and he intimately understood the details of the book he authored. Thereby, he knew they would be defeated by Rome soon and then two millennia would pass before the truth about them could be exposed and widely understood. As you will see evidence of throughout this article and my other works, the prophet of the Second Temple period created multiple bodies of evidence that we would have access to at a special time, when the truth was vitally needed by the whole world and could be understood and spread quickly.

In recent years I have been decoding, writing, and expounding upon the symbology of these ancient texts and exposing the truth about its ancient sources, meaning, and usage. Pivotal amongst the symbols discussed have been stars and angels, because of their repeated use in Revelation and elsewhere. You may read through the following two articles for more details. But I'll also summarize below.


The symbology of stars and angels were purposely designed to encode proof of the truth about the knowledge and wisdom hidden in their texts by the Hebrew prophets. They provide insight into the fact that the prophets and their brethren embedded hard data within their symbolic texts and other activities to verify the purpose, reality, and timing of their prophecies, so a far future generation would finally be able to "see the light" (understand the truth). Because stars are a literal source of light shining out from the darkness, they have served a special purpose in the symbology used by the Hebrew prophets and sages to hide vital wisdom and time-related details in plain sight.

In short, stars are symbolizing cycles of time, most often 360-years long, that are coordinated with the Hebrew calendar, which in turn is coordinated with the ancient configuration of the zodiac encoded in both Ezekiel and Revelation. They also sometimes symbolize a full 2160 year zodiac age, which is six 360-year cycles long. Pentagrams are five pointed stars that symbolize the smaller 360-year cycles, and since 5x72=360, each point represents one-fifth of a 360-degree circle/cycle, hence 72 years/degrees. Hexagrams or six pointed stars like the Solomon's seal and star of David symbolize a full 2160 year zodiac age, consisting of six smaller 360-year cycles. So each point of the hexagram represents the same length of time as a single pentagram.

Using the above math and star symbolism, the line of Hebrew prophets from AmenMoses forward through Nostradamus have left verifiable proof that they understood the vital details and used the exact same symbolic codes, the meaning of which they hid from religious leaders over many millennia. Read "Piercing Star of Bethlehem Mystery Illuminates Ages-Old Lies" for more details. Following is an excerpt covering the key details;

"A pivotal aspect of the ancient sting operation involved the use of star and angel symbolism throughout the last several millennia. In essence, the ancient sages and prophets provided symbolic narratives to religious leaders that contained deeply encoded details that could not be fully decoded and understood, until a specific time far in their futures. In this manner, untampered proof of the truth was always expertly embedded throughout the resulting religious canons. It was encoded using the symbology that flowed from ancient Egypt and directly into the symbolism of the Hebrew wisdom traditions and resulting canons of the Three Faiths of Abraham. The symbology of the ancients was based on advanced science and precise natural observations that decisively prove its true meanings and purposes. Unfortunately for all religions, this completely exposes pivotal ancient lies.

In recent decades scholars, theologians, and researchers have puzzled over why the Dead Sea Scrolls were buried in exactly 11 caves. Though most attention has been focused on preserving, translating, and decoding the voluminous contents of those 11 caves, scant consideration has been given to the meaning and purpose of the burial method and its use of star symbolism. Those familiar with the Hebrew prophetic texts and expectations are fully aware of the vital importance of star symbolism, though most have no clue of its true meaning and purpose.

Most researchers also have no clue that the ancient Hebrew sages synchronized their calendar with an ancient configuration of the zodiac, unknown to most moderns, and divided it into 360-year cycles. They symbolized specific cycles of time using both stars and angels. The 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar was the end of the Second Temple Period during which Christianity arose, the Second Temple and Jerusalem were destroyed by Rome, and the Dead Sea Scrolls were buried by those commonly referred to as Essenes. Thereby, the Dead Sea Scrolls were entombed in precisely 11 caves during the 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar.

The first clear evidence of this ancient star-time code appears in the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis. Joseph is the 11th son of Jacob and has a dream when he is 17 years old where 11 stars (and the sun and moon) bow to him. In other words, Genesis encodes a prediction (prophecy) about the vital importance of the 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar, using the ancient star-time code. Then centuries later during the 11th 360-year cycle and before the destruction of the Second Temple and Jerusalem by Rome, the Dead Sea Scrolls were purposefully entombed in exactly 11 caves. Thereby, those who buried the Dead Sea Scrolls expertly sent forth proof that they knew this ancient code within Genesis that previous and subsequent groups kept hidden from religious leaders.

The other aspect of this story is that Joseph was 17 years old, giving us the numbers 11 and 17, both of which are encoded in numerous places to symbolize the 11th through 17th 360-year cycles on the Hebrew calendar. The 17th 360-year cycle began just before the start of the new millennium on the Christian calendar in 2001. The star-time code used within Genesis and the Dead Sea Scrolls burial is also used extensively throughout the Book of Revelation, other Hebrew narratives, by Nostradamus, Freemasonry, and within the Great Seal of the USA. One of the vital details passed down by the ancient sages is the importance of the time period from the 11th 360-year cycle (Second Temple Period) until the start of the 17th 360-year cycle, which is now. That time frame is redundantly encoded throughout the Book of Revelation by the same star-time code used within the Dead Sea Scrolls burial method. "

As you can see, the contents of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the unique method and timing of their burial, and the timing of their discovery all work together to match the details alluded to in our passage from 2 Corinthians. Light from the darkness further matches the use of star and light symbolism, and the light of knowledge is a clear reference to the truth found within the hidden treasure of scrolls, both by their contents and the method of burial using both star symbolism and earthen vessels. Light from darkness is also a clear reference to the truth being revealed when and where its absence has long been prevalent. The Apocalypse, a.k.a the Book of Revelation is closely tied to this history and both its titles are purposeful references to long-hidden truths (light) being revealed.

The key to understanding and proving why the Dead Sea Scrolls were buried in exactly eleven caves during the 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar is found in the story of Joseph, and 11 stars in Genesis, the first of five books attributed to Moses, the founding Hebrew prophet. It is also clear by this that they expected the buried scrolls to play a part in the prophecies far in their futures. In the story of Joseph's dream, we are given two time periods, the 11th and 17th cycles. During the 11th was the end of the Second Temple Period and when the scrolls were deposited. The 17th cycle began in late 2000, just before the start of the new millennium in 2001 (NOTE: Based on the modern Jewish calendar, year 5760 ended in September 2000, while the zodiac new year is the winter solstice in December, followed by the Christian New Year and new millennium on Jan, 1, 2001. On the other hand, the start of a new age is determined using the spring Equinox sunrise in March).

In Genesis, Joseph is also known for interpreting a Pharaoh's symbolic dreams and thereby relating a prophecy of seven years of drought and how Egypt should prepare itself by storing away provisions for the future. Seven years also symbolizes seven 360-year cycles, hence the amount of time from the 11th to 17th 360-year cycles. As you can see, they were using the framework of that storyline from Genesis and reenacting it by storing away provisions for the coming long dark period, hence treasures of light (truth, knowledge, wisdom) in various ways. In addition to the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi Codexes, which came to light during the last 55 years of the previous cycle and age, their works have made their ways through time in various forms to help prevent the light from dying out completely and to set the stage for the end of the long dark age imposed by Rome.

The Book of Revelation was authored during the same time period and by the Teacher of Righteousness, a.k.a James (Jacob) the Just (aka the righteous). Throughout its narrative a timeline is repeatedly encoded, symbolized as seven stars, angels, seals, and years, stretching from the 11th 360-year cycle to the beginning of the 17th, using the same time-codes and the same two numbers presented in the story of Joseph in Genesis. Thereby, it is obvious they expected the scrolls and their method of burial to play a pivotal role in "the light shining out from the darkness" during the early years of the 17th cycle, the predicted time frame of the "Apocalypse" a.k.a the great revealing, when the blind (those walking in darkness) would have their eyes opened and be able to "see the light."

Before moving on to the next body of evidence that ties this all together, it is important to take a moment and reflect on how vitally important this passage in Corinthians is in exposing the truth. Also, notice that the key verse number is 4:7 which sums to 11, matching the number of Dead Sea Scroll caves and the cycle (star, angel) when they were deposited. This pivotal verse having the two most important numbers in Revelation, 4 and 7, which sum to 11, and matching the cycle and the number of caves containing the treasure in earthen vessels that it speaks about, is yet another example of light shining out from the darkness. Also, notice that the Dead Sea Scrolls first came to light in 1947.

It is amazing and frankly beyond belief that anyone claiming to be a Biblical scholar could fail to see that this could have been referring to the Dead Sea Scrolls. Yet, rather than make that connection, we have instead been presented with yet another inept attempt to hide the truth behind blatantly obvious misdirection. It is also beyond obvious that New Testament scholars are purposely tasked to hide the truth (light), hence to actively maintain the blatant deceptions (darkness) that pay their bills.

Part Three
More light from the Talpiot B Tomb

In recent years, The Vatican (Christian Rome) has been repeating patterns evidenced during it's darkest past, as it continues struggling to squelch vital knowledge that contradicts its dogma and the wholly deceptive versions of history they've presented in the New Testament, and elsewhere. We saw them in action trying to do damage control with the Dead Sea Scrolls, which clearly shook Rome to its roots because they know they have been lying all along and any ancient symbolic texts from Second Temple Period Judea could easily contain unexpected proof of the truth. The volume and the contents of the Dead Sea Scrolls also caused great fear in dark circles because they were clearly Second Temple Period documents from near the remote Qumran outpost, code named Damascus by its inhabitants. The Dead Sea Scrolls were Rome's worst nightmare, hence a brilliant ghost from the past able to serve as a faithful witness to the truth that Rome had spent so much effort and innocent blood to keep hidden throughout the centuries.

More recently, a variation on these same dark tactics have been on display, of using New Testament scholars in direct coordination with others who have been paid to mislead by publishing blatantly false interpretations of key archeological finds and other symbolic elements from the late years of the Second Temple Period. These efforts are always further evidence of just how much the Vatican fears certain historical and symbolic details from the 11th cycle on the Hebrew calendar. Therefore, the attempts to spin the contents of the Talpiot Tombs quickly caught my attention. We all saw the initial attempts to convince people that the family of Jesus and James had been buried in Talpiot A Tomb. That was supported and accompanied by the efforts of Oded Golan pushing an ossuary with an obviously (even though expertly) forged inscription, supposedly saying James the brother of Jesus son of Joseph.

This inscription, besides being uncommon in structure, is just too convenient. Adding the fact that Mr. Golan is well-known as a serial creator of false archeological religious relics, and his story is immediately suspect. Furthermore, the continued effort to push the Romanized names from the New Testament, as the contents of any Second Temple Period inscription, is deeply dishonest. If those names were actually found on that ossuary as claimed, and correctly "translated" the proper reading would have been Jacob instead of James, and Joshua instead of "Jesus", and Joseph. The other problem with the whole idea of James as the literal Brother of someone named Jesus is the context of the time and the people who were the source of these ancient materials and the resulting stories, including the ossuaries in these two tombs.

They were members of a secretive esoteric group who referred to one another as brothers and sisters, which is the source of various uses of this same tradition seen in our time in religious orders and modern esoteric groups like Freemasonry. It is also quite common among people in some cause or great struggle to refer to one another as brothers and sisters. So, the combination of the context, both in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament, of an esoteric brotherhood of saints and disciples during the brutal Roman occupation, all references to "brother" should be interpreted as referring to members of their community, as clearly described in the Dead Sea Scrolls and elsewhere.

They are commonly referred to as Essenes, and called themselves the Sons of Light, and numerous other symbolic titles. Sons of Light says they were brethren in service to Light, hence to the truth. Likewise, the Dead Sea Scrolls redundantly prove that their membership and leadership was based on skill and knowledge and members were indoctrinated, trained, and educated. Consequently, New Testament assertions that "Jesus" passed on leadership of the community to his biological brother "James" runs completely counter to the evidence. This further discredits the "brother of Jesus" inscription because it shows that it was purposely contrived to solve a very specific lack of historical evidence. The whole James Ossuary charade was designed to both profit from and support the New Testament lies about who these people truly were, what they thought, and what they meant by the symbolism they used throughout all of their important wisdom texts and prophecies. That leads us to the Talpiot B Tomb and the so-called Jesus Discovery Team's attempt to spin the unique symbology found on those ossuaries.

Five years following the attempt to push the Jesus Family storyline about the Talpiot A tomb and ossuaries, Simcha Jacobovici was at it again with the help of filmmaker James Cameron and noted religious scholar and author James Tabor. They tried to gain bodily entry into the sealed Talpiot B tomb and thankfully were prevented by the locals. They eventually negotiated permission to insert robotic arms with cameras and lights attached. The timing and the intensity of their desire to gain entry shows they already had a good idea that it contained far more unique ossuaries than Talpiot A. They had copies of pictures of the interior and ossuaries taken years ago, before it was sealed, along with some accompanying notes. They were already aware of details far more compelling than the rough inscriptions on the earlier batch of ossuaries.

After getting new film and images using robotic arms, they proceeded to spin another wholly unsupportable yarn about the meaning of the very unique symbology found on two of those ossuaries. Besides being caught in a series of blatant lies, while using questionable tactics, they continued the wholly transparent attempt to assert that the fish symbol on the most heavily decorated ossuary was the earliest sign of the fish being used as a Christian symbol. Because of the pivotal importance of these two ossuaries, I spent some time thoroughly exposing their lies. Read the following press releases for some quick insights. They both contain links to the full articles, to which I'll add a long-delayed conclusion shortly.


As you can see from the above information, the very same long secret symbolic star-time code, first evidenced in the story of Joseph in Genesis, was used in the burial method of the Dead Sea Scrolls in earthen vessels, that were divided amongst 11 caves, during the 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar. It is used extensively throughout the Book of Revelation (as seven stars, angels, and seals) to mark the time period spanning the seven 360-year cycles, from the 11th to the beginning of the 17th cycle, which is now. The same code is also represented by the zodiac and star related symbolism on the two ossuaries from Talpiot B. Both encode the very same time span, from the 11th to the 17th cycles on the Hebrew calendar. Furthermore, the ossuaries encode details from both Daniel and Revelation in the timeline represented by the fish-vessel image.

All of these items are also from the same locale and narrow time frame, hence the years immediately leading up to and including the revolt against the Romans and culminating with destruction of the Second Temple and the siege of Masada. The rarity of this knowledge during the time period in question, and for the entire two millennia afterwards, raises the likelihood that a single individual, who was the true author of the Book of Revelation, also directed the burial method of the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as designing the star-time symbolism on those two ossuaries. In other words, he encoded key details from Revelation on his own ossuary before his death so those of the future would understand the truth.

According to the Dead Sea Scrolls and other sources, that individual would have been the Teacher of Righteousness, a.k.a Jacob the Just, a.k.a "James" the Righteous, the leader of their community. This fact is also clearly understood by those who have been struggling to maintain and shore up the lies about how someone named Jesus was the literal brother of someone named "James" and leader or founder of the community, and that others in that community worshipped him after his death. The contents of the Dead Sea Scrolls and commonsense proves this to be a blatantly false version of history meticulously manufactured by Rome and imposed through the centuries by force and deception to hide what actually occurred.

As you can also see by our passage from Corinthians, it was clearly rewritten from earlier materials and put into the mouth of the character named "Paul" by religious leaders and writers serving Rome. This helps prove that the entire New Testament is based on stolen and deceptively rewritten Hebrew texts, much of it taken during the sacks of Qumran, Jerusalem, and Masada. Just as I demonstrated using the Book of Revelation in recent years, stolen Hebrew texts were Romanized and Christianized. Foreign names like Jesus Christ, John, Paul and others were inserted to make it easier sell these lies to Europeans and others in the Roman Empire. They were also hiding the true extent of Rome's great crimes, which included killing the Teacher of Righteousness and the saints of the community. They created a heroic cover story to whitewash how Romans came into possession and control of the texts from Judea, and manufactured tales about "Jesus" and "apostles." Stories of how and when "Jesus" died were likewise false, to coverup what actually happened in Judea and to whom. To add injury to insult, Rome then blamed the death of their fantasy messiah on the Jewish people.

We all know the terrible history that ensued, in large part because of these great lies, which continue in full force to this day. Now you have solid proof of the extent of these deceptions, delivered by the true prophet of the Second Temple Period, Jacob the Just, The Teacher of Righteousness. Before going on to part four, I'll leave you with the reconstruction of what our Corinthians passage would have looked like in its original form, before it was deceptively modified. See how perfectly it matches the context of the last desperate years in Judea and how the final two verses also help to show this was written very close in time to the revolt against Rome and destruction of the Second Temple, and was perhaps even taken following the end of the siege at Masada.

4:6 For God commanded light to shine out of the darkness, and it has shone in our hearts, to give us the light of knowledge.
4:7 We have this treasure in earthen vessels, to prove that the source of this light is God, and not us.
4:8 We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair;
4:9 Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;

Part Four
All of the prophets working together

I have already demonstrated how the community that buried the Dead Sea Scrolls did so based on key details in the story of Joseph in Genesis, that are completely misinterpreted by most others. It is already well attested that literal names of community members never appear in the scrolls because of security concerns during the Roman occupation. The one literal name most often mentioned though is Moses, since he was beyond the reach of the Romans. The context leaves little doubt that this community would never have taken the direction of anyone that did not understand the central importance of knowledge, wisdom, and the "Laws of Moses," much less worshipped any person like a god. It is already well attested that they had their own interpretations of various symbolic texts and used symbolism heavily, even in their sectarian works like the Community Rule. Now you can also see that they were driven by more than religious faith. They had hard facts symbolically encoded and recorded in various places so they and future generations would be able to verify and understand the truth.

This takes us to the other important though smaller treasure in an earthen vessel. The Nag Hammadi Codexes were found in south-central Egypt by a farmer two years prior to the Dead Sea Scrolls. Nag Hammadi is on the north side of a large river bend and is just east of Karnak. It is also just downriver and around the bend from Luxor, putting it between the two Temple complexes of Amen (Amun). This is no mere coincidence since the Dead Sea Scrolls prove the devotion to the "Laws of Moses" encoded by the symbology brought out of Egypt by him. In recent years, it has become known among a growing number of people that Moses has been found in the Egyptian records and archeology. Archeologists have been calling him AmenMesse, hence AmenMoses. Hence, his "god" was Amen and numerous details in the Torah and history prove this.


There is also evidence throughout the Bible and elsewhere showing that Egypt and the philosophy associated with Amen (Amun) are the source of much of Hebrew wisdom. Even the name of Amen is found throughout the Bible as a mysterious invocation and when you understand that AmenMoses' name is a symbolic title that means "Son of Amen" (Son of "god") then this all makes sense. Likewise, the "Son of Man" symbolism flows from an ancient error or the purposeful modification from "Son of Amen." Even more interesting is the fact that Karnak is where the statue and other details about AmenMoses were found in modern times. But as you can see, those who buried the Gnostic texts in Nag Hammadi, so close to Karnak, have clearly demonstrated knowledge of AmenMoses' true home, name, and its relationship to Amen. Also, they have demonstrated their direct link to those who buried the Dead Sea Scrolls by emulating their actions in this very unique locale that is clearly no mere coincidence.

The fact that we have another knowledge cache found in this manner is eye-opening, to say the least. And as you can already see, they are connected by more than just the method of burial. It is known that the Gnostics arose in Egypt after the great disaster befell Judea. Many would have fled to Egypt because of its proximity but some of those closely associated with the Essenes also looked to Egypt as the home of Moses and the ancient source of the wisdom and symbology they were using and seeking more insights into. The Gnostics were clearly a direct outgrowth of the destruction of the Essenes, Sons of Light, etc., even though some will try to dispute this. The Gospel of Thomas found in that cache is one of the books Rome sought to wipe from the face of history.

Yet once again, an earthen vessel full of pivotal knowledge shone light where once there was darkness. The Gnostics were considered heretical by Rome in large part because they refused to accept "Jesus" as a messiah or god-like figure. In fact, in their texts "Jesus" and others are used as symbols of hidden knowledge who relate details that ultimately expose the assertions of others (Rome…) as blatant lies. The following passage is enough to understand why Christian Rome had murderous intent towards those who possessed this knowledge.

(12) The disciples said to Jesus, "We know that you will depart from us. Who is to be our leader?" 
Jesus said to them, "Wherever you are, you are to go to James the righteous, for whose sake heaven and earth came into being."

(13) Jesus said to his disciples, "Compare me to someone and tell me whom I am like." 
Simon Peter said to him, "You are like a righteous angel." 
Matthew said to him, "You are like a wise philosopher." 
[Judas] Thomas said to him, "Master, my mouth is wholly incapable of saying whom you are like." 
Jesus said, "I am not your master. Because you have drunk, you have become intoxicated from the bubbling spring which I have measured out." 
And he took him and withdrew and told him three things. When [Judas] Thomas returned to his companions, they asked him, "What did Jesus say to you?" 
[Judas] Thomas said to them, "If I tell you one of the things which he told me, you will pick up stones and throw them at me; a fire will come out of the stones and burn you up."


Luckily for us, knowledge from earthen vessels again opens the eyes of the blind and shines light out of the darkness. By this passage and the contents of the Gospel of Judas Thomas and others, it is clear that the Gnostics held both the Essenes and their leader "James" in far higher esteem than stories about "Jesus" and the "apostles." Notice how they also buried their knowledge (light) in an earthen vessel when set upon by Rome (the Church), with the obvious expectation that it would come forth to deliver light in the future? Both caches of ancient texts, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Codexes are also directly tied together by "James the Righteous" (or Just), a.k.a the Teacher of Righteousness from the community that buried the Dead Sea Scrolls. Both groups also display reverence of the knowledge delivered by Moses (Laws), instead of worshipping him, and most especially not "Jesus."

As you can see, the symbolism of vessels has been vitally important to the prophets and others for various reasons. The two arks in Genesis and Exodus are best understood as symbolic vessels that serve as conveyances of hidden wisdom. But most importantly, the entire body of ancient symbology itself is the ark (of the covenant), which both protects and conveys long hidden truth, wisdom, and justice through time. Just like earthen vessels containing scrolls of knowledge, the symbols carried through time within the ark (symbolic conveyance) shine light from out of the darkness, once they are understood. Until they are understood they're meaning and purpose remain hidden, hence in the dark. Consider the following:

Proverbs 1:6 
To understand a proverb, and the interpretation; the words of the wise, and their dark sayings.
Psalms 49:4 
I will incline mine ear to a parable: I will open my dark saying upon the harp.
Psalms 78:2
I will open my mouth in a parable: I will utter dark sayings of old:

Symbols like cups, vials, and ships used in Revelation and later symbols like the Holy Grail are yet other types of symbolic vessels. Similarly, the ossuaries from Talpiot B are designed to simulate and become symbolic vessels that deliver light from understanding the meaning of (opening, unsealing, unlocking) their symbology. The fish-vessel image and the timeline it encodes is formed from the shapes of two constellations. Pisces the fish was the previous zodiac age that included the 11th through 16th 360-year cycles and is the reason early Christianity began using a fish as a symbol. The other is Aquarius, the current and new age. Aquarius is the water bearer, who carries a vessel, hence a jar or pitcher for transporting water that is made from connecting points of light used for tracking time. Pay close attention that the 17th cycle and new age, which is the target time frame of these prophecies, is symbolized by a group of stars in the shape of a water vessel.

Both vessels and waters have been linked symbolically because waters symbolize the flow of deeds through time and the vessels or arks serve as symbolic conveyances that carry their hidden knowledge and wisdom through time, hence across the waters. Even the story of "Jesus" "walking upon the waters" is deceptively misused symbolism originally associated with the Egyptian "God of Wisdom" Thoth, who was often symbolized with the head of an Ibis, a wading water bird. Walking upon the waters actually symbolizes being on a path focused on the flow of deeds through time, hence a sage, philosopher, and prophet. A water bird stalking through the waters and reeds of the Nile, constantly focusing on the waters for food (fish, snakes, frogs, etc.) was seen as a perfect symbolic model of sages and prophets who work with the flow time and deeds (zodiac, ka-maat, karma, cyclic time, etc.). Hebrew wisdom is easily sourced back to Egypt through AmenMoses who is also said to have "parted the waters," hence he split deeds into dual sides or containers (left and right, dualism), which is the same thing symbolized by the two tables of stone. It is also the same thing symbolized by the "Doctrine of Two Sprits" and the "two ways," hence the wisdom of dualism and the knowledge that flows from it.

Read the Doctrine of Two Spirits for more insights.

Arks are also symbolically linked to light, which symbolizes truth. Both water and stars (zodiac light) are likewise used to model and symbolize the flow of time and specific cycles. Egyptian symbology further included "solar barques," ergo arks. They were boats serving as symbolic vessels that carried symbolic "Gods" and other symbols of universal principles like Maat (Truth and justice) safely through the darkness of night, a.k.a the dark times and waters. Maat, as the personification of truth (light) and justice (heat), symbolized the same thing as the winged sun. Also, Maat represented the keys to universal order, hence "the law" refers to truth and justice.

It is important to note that an important festival procession associated with Amun involved a solar "ark" going between the temples at Luxor and Karnak. These symbolic models are based on the literal transit of the sun on its daily cycle, but are actually symbolizing light (truth) and heat (justice) being guided and protected as they traverse time in the underworld, the realm of darkness. This same model of the sun's transit was used to design the ancient zodiac which keeps track of time using the movement of stars and the sun. Since waters symbolize the flow of time and deeds, these boats are symbolic vessels shown traversing times of light and of darkness, day and night.

It is also very curious and not at all coincidental that the childhood story of Moses starts with him being placed into a vessel and onto the waters of the Nile. Once again, this was purposely symbolic and is unlikely to have occurred literally. Later, Moses sent forth symbolized wisdom in his prophecies and wisdom texts, as did all the prophets that followed him, in time, knowledge, and mindset. As you should also see, the symbolic models of Egypt were the framework for both his writing and deeds. Thereby, the burying of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi Codexes in hidden vessels were a symbolic reenactment of Moses hiding truth and wisdom (laws…) in an ark (symbolic vessel), which in turn is a symbolic reenactment of Egyptian symbolized wisdom.

Burying or hiding the earthen vessels in caves each puts them in the dark and under the earth, a.k.a in the underworld. This simulates the journey of the solar barques, which were guided and protected by their gods to ensure safe and timely arrival of the light. It is the act of setting them adrift in time (on the waters…) and trusting to God (providence, karma, etc.) to see them to their appointed times and places (future sun-lit shores). As you have seen so far, that predicted time and place is now. One of the keys to discerning the works of the true Hebrew prophets is the correct use of the symbology and the ability to accurately predict future events. Thereby, the prophet of the Second Temple Period passes this test, as did others before him, all the way back to AmenMoses.

Part Five
The Modern Prophets

The next step forward on the watery path through time is to Michel de Nostradame, who took the professional name Nostradamus, which is 11 characters long, and thereby Michel Nostradamus is 17 characters long. He was from a Jewish family in France that was forced to convert to Catholicism. He is the best known post Second Temple Period prophet, who in addition to being repeatedly accurate, also demonstrates an intimate knowledge of the same symbology used by all earlier Hebrew prophets. Here are two quatrains relevant to the topics of this article.

Quatrain 7.14
[He] will expose the false topography,
The pitchers (vessels, jars) will open (unlock, reveal the truth about) monuments
Congregation, sect, holy philosophy,
For white, black, for ancients, green (new life)

Quatrain 1.96
The one charged with destroying
Temples and sects altered by fantasy (fallacy, deception)
Will harm the rocks (religious foundations) rather than the living
Ears saturated with ornate (symbolic, metaphorical) language

In the first quatrain shown above, the second line "The pitchers will open monuments" speaks volumes after the details we have just reviewed concerning earthen vessels containing treasures of light. Likewise, the fish-vessel image on the ossuary in Talpiot B is in part based on Aquarius' water pitcher, which is illustrated by connecting the light of stars. Nostradamus also made a point to refer to vessels in a way that most would understand, when the appointed time finally arrived.

Opening monuments is also the same as letting light into places long shrouded in darkness, both literally and in reference to truth illuminating ancient lies. Opening and unlocking further symbolizes the solving of mysteries, as in opening the seven seals of the Book of Revelation. Now look at the number of that quatrain. We are now in the 14th year of the 17th cycle on the Hebrew calendar, hence the seventh cycle (angel, star, seal) as outlined in Revelation. Also, notice that the digits of 2014 (2+0+1+4) sum to 7 and 14 divided by 2 is seven. Likewise, my pen name is Seven Star Hand, which is taken from the following:

Revelation 1:16 
And he had within his right hand, seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shining within his strength.

Revelation 10:7 
But within the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as She has declared to Her servants the prophets.

In verse 10:7 above we have the statement, "But within the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound". As mentioned before, stars and angels are used to symbolize the same thing from slightly different perspectives, hence specific periods of time linked to the stars of the zodiac. Their light(s) also symbolize pivotal truths, knowledge, and wisdom. An important reason for this was to eventually provide proof that angels were never real and were always one of the purposely hidden symbols used by the prophets. In this way (and others) multiple tests of veracity for religious leaders were embedded within ancient symbolic source texts to eventually shine light on what happened to them over time, while in the control of religious leaders.

In other words, stories and interpretations asserting literal angels are false, since angels are symbolic and refer to specific periods of time and the truth and wisdom they deliver. A prime example is the Christianized start of Revelation where an "angel of Jesus" literally delivers the contents of Revelation to someone named John. Thanks to the prophets themselves, we know it is a false passage inserted by early Christian leaders into the very document purposely designed to expose such lies. The same applies to the Quran and the assertion that it was delivered by an angel. It is either a completely false tale or someone modified (embellished, interpolated) symbolic original documents into more literal (and religious) narratives and attributed it all to an angel to avoid questions about the true source, meaning, and motivations.

Angels specifically symbolize periods of time on the ancient zodiac and have been associated with stars and light for that reason. In this instance, the seventh star, angel, and seal all refer to the 17th 360-year cycle that began just before the start of the millennium in 2001 and the start of the new age Aquarius, at the spring equinox. Thereby, the sixth angel was both a 360-year cycle that ended in late 2000, as well as the end of the age of Pisces on the ancient zodiac. The seventh angel is the new 360-year cycle that began thereafter and just before the new millennium on the Christian calendar and the new age of Aquarius at the equinox.

Since we are at the start of the 14th year of a new 360-year cycle (17th), and at the end of the 13th year of the new age (Aquarius), the "seventh angel" has "begun to sound" (speak to and enlighten us), hence the light of the knowledge flowing from this cycle's activity (from 2001 to 2014) is becoming brighter and thereby more evident to a growing number of people. As you can also see, the prophets from AmenMoses forward repeatedly proved they knew the meaning and the importance of the 11th through 17th cycles and the symbology that encoded verifiable knowledge of them. Consequently, all their efforts have been geared towards sprouting and bearing fruit early in the 17th cycle, hence right now.

To close this discussion of the prophets working together requires a mention of topics I'll cover in more detail in upcoming articles, and have already covered in Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols. There is another very unique prophecy that most people have completely misinterpreted and have been purposely led to fear. The Great Seal of the USA is a symbolically encoded prophecy using the precise same star-time code, stars, and other symbolic elements to embed several layers of related wisdom.

Key founders of the USA chose stars as a central element of the symbolism of the USA because some among them understood the evidence and related symbology that had been passed along in secret, since the fall of Judea to the Romans. They knew that Christianity was a blatant lie but they also knew that the whole truth wouldn't be available until the 17th cycle. So, like others before them, they created proof that they knew keys to the truth and hid it in the open as something else, until the appointed time arrived. As discussed above and elsewhere, Revelation uses stars, angels, and seals to symbolize cycles of time and related knowledge. In addition to using stars, the Great Seal is called a seal because of the symbology of Revelation and the Solomon Seal, drawn above the eagle's head using 13 pentacles. It is called the Great Seal because the seventh star, angel, and seal represent the culmination of the prophecies during the early years of the seventh (17th) cycle and new age.

The Great Seal of the USA encodes the numbers 13 and 17 repeatedly, plus the number 14. In addition to 13 stars in the shape of a Solomon's seal above the eagle's head, the reverse side shows an unfinished pyramid with 13 levels. Suspended in the air above the 13th level is a triangular capstone shining with light, showing the "eye of providence," a.k.a. "the all seeing eye of God." The capstone then becomes the 14th level when it is put into place. There are multiple purposes for this which I discuss in detail elsewhere. The important elements are light (truth) and the capstone which symbolizes wisdom. Also, the eye of providence has several meanings but the linkage of light and providence are purposeful allusions to the prophets trusting in God to protect and shine light out of the darkness. It also draws the connection between light, good deeds, and providence, ergo to the secret to ensuring good "karma." Both pyramids and mountains symbolize great bodies of knowledge. Capstones and mountain tops both symbolize the associated wisdom, which is why AmenMoses was symbolized attaining both wisdom and light atop a mountain. The use of the pyramid is yet another allusion to Egypt, the home of AmenMoses and the symbology used by all the true Hebrew prophets.

Just as other prophets and their companions did throughout time, parables and various art forms were used to encode prophecies and other wisdom, expertly embedded within symbolic imagery and/or words, awaiting a future time. As you can see from the Talpiot B ossuaries, the prophet of the Second temple period was skilled at creating compound symbolic imagery, as well as narratives, that delivered accurate prophecies. We can see how this tradition was later continued in Europe and then made its way to the USA. Numerous sources have purposely embedded hidden details pointing to the 17th cycle and seven stars, while using the star-time code correctly. Only some of them demonstrated the ability to repeatedly and accurately predict future events. Nostradamus was one and "St. Malachy" was another.

As you can also see, someone amongst the founders of the USA embedded very precise details into the Great Seal of the USA, as well as showing great skill using the star-time code, just like the prophets in previous centuries. Pay close attention that we are within the early years of the 17th cycle and have just passed from 2013 into the year 2014. Another meaning of the 13 level unfinished pyramid with the shining capstone as the 14th level, is to symbolize truth (light) and wisdom (capstone) coming to the USA and then to the entire world in 2014. Humanity finally heeds the lessons (wisdom) gained from the experiences of the previous 13 years and the light it shines on the source of the dark and terrible history of the preceding two millennia.

Thereby, the Seventh Angel has begun to sound, and long hidden light shines out of the darkness, just as the Dead Sea Scrolls, our passage from Corinthians, and the Apocalypse (the great revealing, revelations, etc.) predicted, two millennia ago.

For more insights, read the following articles.



Unlike the false interpretations of prophecy that Christianity has been used to push, the Book of Revelation actually symbolizes and encodes the passing of six 360-year cycles and key details, from the Second Temple Period (11th cycle, aka 1st star, angel, seal) until Hebrew year 5760 (last year of 16th cycle, aka 6th star, angel, seal), which coincided with Christian year 2000. Then during the early years of the 17 cycle (7th angel, star, seal), which is during the new millennium (21st century), the truth is revealed and great changes quickly unfold. The great deceptions of past ages, and those that profited from them, cease to hold sway or power any longer. A new world ensues because a wiser and humbler humanity stops repeating and permitting the great errors that have characterized the past and created the present sad and sordid state of human civilization.

As you can see, all of the true prophets were experts with the ancient symbology I have been decoding, demonstrating, and writing about. One of the components of the Hebrew prophecies is the return of the Messiah and Teacher (Moshiah, a.k.a one like Moses). Nostradamus and others passed along evidence that made clear he would not be a European, nor would he be "Jesus." Thanks to my efforts in recent years, as well as those of others, you now have all the knowledge necessary to understand that the New Testament is a blatant Roman deception based on stolen and rewritten Hebrew texts. It is purposeful false prophecy and false history about a false messiah created and propagated by agents of Rome, which then used those lies to ruthlessly gain great wealth and power over the ensuing centuries. These details are redundantly encoded throughout Revelation and other prophecies, using the symbology passed along by AmenMoses.

As you have also seen, I am expert with the symbology used by all the prophets and have decoded (opened, unsealed) their works and proved the meaning and purposes of the symbology used to construct them. I have also put on a series of demonstrations in recent years leaving no doubt of my ability to repeatedly and accurately predict future events using symbolic narratives and artwork, including symbolic songs and video clips.

Proverbs 1:6 
To understand a proverb, and the interpretation; the words of the wise, and their dark sayings.
Psalms 49:4 
I will incline mine ear to a parable: I will open my dark saying upon the harp.
Psalms 78:2
I will open my mouth in a parable: I will utter dark sayings of old:

Because of this, I have garnered the intense ire and attentions of the Vatican and cohorts who have been desperately struggling to keep the world, and especially their followers, unaware of my presence and writing, in the hopes that most people remain too distracted and deceived to grasp the truth. It is no mere coincidence that the so-called War on Terror ensued in 2001, just when Rome feared the arising of the Messiah and exposure of the truth. Likewise, since we are at the year in question, pay very close attention that the current Pope is also the last on "St. Malachy's" prophecy of the Popes. They are fully aware of this and the recent PR blitz by Pope Francis is part of their ongoing effort to defeat the prophecies of the Vatican's imminent exposure and subsequent rapid downfall. They are thereby fully aware that the Moshiah arises soon and have known who I am for years. The Vatican and others are still desperately struggling to defeat my efforts to free humanity from the great deceptions imposed over the preceding two millennia. It is time for more light to shine out of the darkness.

Quatrain 1.96
The one charged with destroying
Temples and sects altered by fantasy (fallacy, deception)
Will harm the rocks (religious foundations) rather than the living
Ears saturated with ornate (symbolic, metaphorical) language

Also, download the PDF version of Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, and read the section "Grasping the New Order of the Ages" in Chapter 8, starting on page 203.
Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols - PDF

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