Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Christians again prove many are unabashed enemies of the truth

After finally watching the Jesus Tomb documentary and the hour of critical look "debates" following it, I am left with the sad conclusion that a large percentage of Christians will always oppose the truth, regardless of how it is presented. It has been amazing to watch people who regularly oppose critical thought and science hypocritically assert that critical thought and science supports so-called "biblical evidence" in their efforts to debunk this archeological find and associated theories.

Reflect upon the fact that Christian leaders are howling about the truth of this archaeological find and associated theories, but are steadfastly and unabashedly opposed to having to prove the truth about the many dubious assertions and contradictions throughout the New Testament and Christianity. Many of these same people have the gall to complain about "theatrics" used to present these findings, as if Christianity has never turned a profit or stooped to even slicker and far more dubious methods pushing their stories and historical interpretations. It is rank hypocrisy for Christians to attack the presentation of this documentary as unbalanced when Christian history and current activities fall far short of what they are demanding in this situation. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, because what goes around comes around.

Though I too have problems with the way this documentary and religion in general have been sold, for profit, I also think this information deserves a much closer examination and consideration than a simple knee-jerk defense of still unproven New Testament claims. Do Christians really think that the Creator of all knowledge and wisdom wants them to blindly oppose all newly discovered truths? Do they think the Creator of truth would want you to close your eyes to the truth? What do you think making the blind see again symbolizes? Or opening one's eyes to the truth? Isn't possible that Christians have long been "blinded" by deception and strong delusion?

Never forget that Christian leadership has never sought the truth about what really happened in ancient Israel, but instead used great evil and deception to impose their dogma and opinions on others over the centuries. Which primary characters in the Bible is this level of deception most often attributed to? What will it take for Christian leadership to finally submit to truth and justice?

After centuries of witch hunts, Inquisitions, genocide, crusades, child raping priests, the widespread persecution of others seeking to understand the truth, and a very long list of proven deception and fraud, how could anyone stoop to doubt the veracity of Christianity, the New Testament, and the wide range of contradictory and literal interpretations of obviously symbolic texts? Is there any doubt why so many think that the term "biblical evidence" is both oxymoronic and duplicitous?

When finally confronted with the truth about what happened two millennia ago, these people will be completely unable to discern the true Messiah (me) from long-term lies and will fight tooth and nail to cling to the Roman deceptions and strong delusions of the New Testament. Christianity has always been an enemy of science, truth, and justice and recent events strongly reinforce this observation.

Here is Wisdom !!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lying about the name Jesus, for profit, yet again!

The most interesting aspect of this Jesus Tomb story revolves around the actual names on the bone boxes compared to what is being asserted in the effort to make a profit. Pay special attention to the tortured explanations of how names like Jesus, Mary, Matthew, Joseph, and others were "translated" (interpolated) from inscriptions that actually say otherwise. Most specifically, both Christians and those who are promoting this "Jesus Tomb" discovery and its associated assertions are profiting from the very same long-term process of obfuscation and meticulous misdirection. For anyone, whether Christian leaders and adherents or James Cameron to keep a straight face while claiming that the name Jesus was one of the most common in Second Temple Israel is highly instructive. The name that is commonly translated as Joshua was very common, but the name Jesus is a very unique and narrowly targeted construction of recent centuries that simply cannot have truthfully appeared anywhere in the ancient Near East. Likewise, many are writing that Jesus is instead the english form of Joshua, as if the millions of english speaking Christians and Jews named Joshua have foreign names. Furthermore, does anyone know of any person named Joshua who would seriously assert that the English form of their name is Jesus? These deceptive assertions are beyond absurd.

This long-term charade about a name that simply could not have been written or pronounced in Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, or even Latin, which is now being touted as one of the more common names from ancient Israel/Judea, serves as an illuminating microcosm for the entire New Testament and the many dubious assertions and activities that have accompanied it and Christianity throughout their entire existence. As Christians rally to "prove" that this archeological find can't be the tomb and bones of the "Jesus" and "Mary" of the New Testament, they too should honestly answer questions about why it is correct to interpolate those names in such a unique way to support the veracity of the most profitable story in history, but not to interpret an archeological discovery. Christians must truthfully answer the question of why it is wrong for the "Jesus Tomb" crew to use Christianity's own methodology to arrive at the names now being asserted as appearing on those bone boxes.

I've also seen articles and comments claiming that the assertions about this tomb and its inscriptions go against "biblical evidence." What a joke! At which point during the long and sordid history of Christianity did its leaders and founders prove themselves as trustworthy or respectful of the truth? Never forget that faith and dogma are the opposite of seeking to prove the truth. How can a book so full of doctrinal, historical, and other factual contradictions be cited as reliable evidence? How can followers so readily overlook the proven fact that the New Testament was created in Rome, by Romans, centuries after the supposed occurrence of its story line. Did they forget that Rome invaded and conquered ancient Israel and Judea and ruthlessly imposed their will over those under the thumb of the empire. Romans installed their own priests and tortured and killed those who objected too openly. Those same Romans had complete control over which texts became the so-called New Testament and for many centuries continued to use blatant deception and widespread evil to enforce their dogma, instead of relying upon truth, justice, or freewill. The leaders of Christianity are still located in Rome, and have never faced justice for centuries of deception and great injustice, and still continue profiting from nearly two millennia of blatant evil. Considering the source and contents of the New Testament, it is the least reliable "evidence" available. In fact, anyone who trusts such a long line of deceivers can only be described as suffering from strong delusion (read 2 Thessalonians 2:11, for example).

A pivotal component of the strong delusion that is Christianity revolves around the name/title Jesus Christ. Christians and others have rallied around the weak and blatantly deceptive assertions surrounding the source of the name Jesus, among others in the so-called New Testament. All of the purported uses of this name in ancient settings are actually the Hebrew and Aramaic names that we call Joshua, in all other instances. Why then all of the tortured explanations to convince people that the Hebrew name translated in all other instances as Joshua should in some special cases become the dubious name/title Jesus Christ? If these stories were the truth, why has so much deception accompanied them and those who have profited from them throughout most of the last two millennia?

Ever consider that the New Testament and the stories of Jesus Christ are the great deceptions that the original Hebrew texts warned about? Isn't it odd that the New Testament is full of Greco-Roman names from Europe, not from Judea? Isn't it odd that all of the purported authors of New Testament books have European names and made numerous geographical and factual errors. For example, the proven fact that there was no town named Nazareth during the Second-Temple period. What then does the term Nazarene (Nazarite...) truly allude to and why did the Vatican and its predecessors go to such lengths to obscure the truth about it and much else? Why have the Vatican, Papacy, and Christianity been characterized by such extreme duplicity and deception for their entire existence if they were truly representatives of the Creator?

You do understand that Gog from Magog actually refers to Greeks and Romans (Greco-Romans) who invaded, subjugated, and scattered the children of Israel? Isn't it at all worrisome that the Vatican and Christianity have "whitewashed" the names, images, and activities of all of the purported Judean characters in the long-dubious New Testament that history proves would have been dark-skinned, dark-haired locals, not blue-eyed European invaders, had they truly existed? Consequently, billions of people have long been deceived into worshipping a false god with a name and image that never could have existed in ancient Second Temple Period Judea! What then is the likelihood, amidst these many deceptions, that the Roman founders of Christianity (and their cohorts) would honestly and accurately quote and report the truth about the Messiah, ancient prophecies, or much else? Should the Messiah appear in the world today, it is highly unlikely that any Christian would be able to recognize or accept the truth. The translations of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Nag Hammadi Codexes, and other archeological finds, which were purposely hidden from the Romans and their cohorts, provide irrefutable proof that Christianity is a house of lies.

As the saying goes, those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, because what goes around comes around. Looks like Rome's and Christianity's long-term lies are coming home to roost again.

Here is Wisdom !!

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