Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More proof that religion is the opposite of Truth, Wisdom, and Justice

Pope Benedict XVI recently stuck his foot in mouth during a lecture in Germany and many in the Islamic world were so inflamed that they decided to join him by doing the same. The Pope's choice of words were brain dead, in my humble opinion, if he was seeking to spread peace. He could have appealed for cooler heads and humility from all sides using any other words, but instead he chose to quote Crusade era hypocrisy that was clearly designed to inflame Muslims, many of whom who seemed unable to think straight before acting. Now we see the backtracking and spinning that always follows the gaffes of those afraid of simply telling the truth.

There is no truth without discernment and those who take this situation out of context will never solve the world's problems. The straw that breaks the camel's back always follows the results of earlier deeds.

The ostensibly "infallible" Grand Inquisitor (the pot) sought to lecture the purportedly blameless and innocent Islam (the kettle) about spreading religion through dark deeds by quoting a Dark Ages text while the USA and Europe are in the midst of the Neo-Crusades. The absolute irony and absurdity of this current state of affairs is amazing, to say the least. It strongly evidences both the fallacy and fallibility of all who vainly and arrogantly pretend to serve the Creator.

Dear Pope, ever heard of Karma or the golden rule? Ever stop to remember how the Vatican and western nations became so rich and powerful over the centuries? Ever consider giving up your blood drenched wealth and earthly power to end the blatant hypocrisy of your vain, materialistic, and duplicitous empire? Ever think of forgoing your peacock's robes to walk the walk instead of simply talking the talk? Remember the "eye of the needle" and "log and mote in the eye" parables? Is this a demonstration of your infallibility, wisdom, or utter blindness? As another wise one once said; What goes around comes around!

Dear Muslims, ever consider that you have been purposely and utterly deceived by the very concept of religion, as have Christians and Jews. Did it ever cross your minds that the Creator is greatly disappointed when you pray to a rock five times a day and treat women as chattel? Did it ever dawn on you that your daily prayers are inscribing a pentagram as part of a cruel joke to have the entire Muslim world participate in a daily magic ritual involving a meteor, a.k.a. a fallen star? Ever consider that Rome deceptively imposed submission so you'd become puppets on a world stage that they ultimately control?

As part of this centuries old grand theater, the West has killed and oppressed far more Muslims (and others with dark skins) than they have killed westerners. Nonetheless, our "leaders" and many in the press can only see Muslim and "third world" desperation in the face of western military and economic dominance and oppression, (in the name of God and country, by the way), as sources of error and evil in this world. Never forget that there would not be a war in Iraq nor the Bush administration's many blatant evils without the unwavering support of such a large percentage of Judeo-Christians. Once again, here we have an example of the blind leading the blind over a cliff's edge.

Guess what people of all walks and paths; war, violence, and all injustices are evil, no matter what the excuse or cause or who is doing it to whom. Anyone who thinks the Creator judges religion, war, or seeking advantage at the expense of others as wise or acceptable activities has a very big surprise in store.

Now is the time for humility and seeking to understand true wisdom. Humanity has been utterly deceived about money, religion, and politics. How many millennia of terrible proof is necessary before it finally sinks in that these strong delusions will never result in peace. The only way out of this "bottomless pit" is the path of truth and justice.

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